Jet Blue refuses to compensate for their mistake in notifying us of schedule change

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I have flights booked on Southwest and I get my E-mails just fine. Whenever I get a Flight Cancellation or change I immediately look up the change online, find alternatives and use the App to reconfirm any new flights. Sometimes one is automatically confirmed and at other times they are not. What I find to be a problem is that often too many people don't take action and some airlines may automatically cancel your reservation especially with a new system overhaul if you do not call to confirm the new flights.

I remember back in the day when you had to call the airline to reconfirm your reservation or else it would be cancelled. Even today I call up the airline to reconfirm my flights well in advance. The OP had over a month to make that five minute call and to find other options. The OP could have been rebooked on AA or Alaska as Jet Blue is now part of codeshare agreements with American Airlines and I think Alaska too. They could have booked the OP and his family on a Codeshare Flight Jetblue 8500 operated by Alaska Airlines. Perhaps the OP could have opted to drive to Boston where more flights could be had to Las Vegas or opted for a connection via JFK, FLL or RDU.

Again having an itinerary can sometimes be paper weight and while you have a reservation you may need to accept the change or have your travel agent do so if it was booked through them. AA has done this to me and I had to physically accept the change. Southwest automatically rebooks me and I can change the flights or get a full refund.
Apr 25, 2021
My Yahoo email seems to be very random in what gets put in spam, my wife might send me 5 emails, 4 arrive and 1 goes to spam. Going in and and fixing the settings seems to be only a temporary solution.
I checked all of our emails very thoroughly. I am perplexed why the customer service agent said we were all notified by email, but then when emailing with the customer service department, they said only the purchaser receives the emails.