Is pro bono (free) legal help really available?

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May 13, 2017
There is no disputing that the legal system in America is complex & expensive. Every state has agencies to assist people of very limited incomes (I am below the poverty level); I have tried for ten (10) years to get representation with two (2) legal situations w/o success. These agencies only accept specific situations to help out; private attorneys/firms are also supposed to help - but do they really?
If you don't qualify for your specific situation or the private attorneys/law firms refuse to get involved - YOU LOSE YOUR RIGHTS TO HAVE LEGAL INJUSTICES RESOLVED!
I doubt our founding fathers envisioned such a legal quagmire where only the wealthy could - have their day in court. This has to change! Trump was elected by people believing he would "Drain the Swamp"; our current American legal system is this - swamp.
I feel so hopeless & overwhelmed by the legal system; I have considered suicide on several occasions. Americans need to contact their representatives & voice their concerns that the wealthy are "stacking the system" in their favor so the average American is denied their legal rights. I live in Harrisburg, PA, but this is happening all over America. I pray I can find a pro bono attorney/firm to help me have my legal issues heard in such a flawed/unfair system. Justice should never be decided by how much (or how little) income a person has. You may be able to afford legal representation, but I guarantee your friends, family, other Americans are struggling (or unable) to have - justice served; to live to enjoy "Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness" under the laws of each state knowing someone will help out if finances are an issue.
Let your actions/voices be heard to Make America Great Again!
Mar 17, 2015
Oh what a complex question that is raised here. Some states actually require attorneys to provide a certain number of hours with no compensation (none, and the attorneys also are lucky enough to have to eat some court costs), oh, I am sorry, pro-bono hours per year. Most states/cities have some sort of legal aid. However, as these positions are generally underpaid and understaffed, it is necessary to prioritize cases. Case in point, the local legal aid in my area covers about a 200 mile radius, and has 1 staff attorney. Therefore, the clinic hosts a night about once a month where attorneys volunteer and then people can come and get their questions answered. The volunteer attorneys will then relay the most pertinent cases to the one staff attorney.
Many law schools also have law clinics, but again, the types of cases they can take on varies. This has to do with the supervision the students need, resources, and complexity of some cases. Many firms encourage their employees to take on a certain number of pro-bono cases a year, but this can vary by firm.
All this being said, if your case can be heard in small claims, most attorneys are going to counsel you on the process and then let you handle it. If the case has no merit, then the attorney will not take it in favor of taking another case with merit on.
So yes, there are free legal services out there, you may just need to keep asking around. You may also have more luck at a bigger law firm vs. a smaller one because there are more people to share the work.


Verified Member
Jan 5, 2015

We really can’t offer anything here other than sympathy and best wishes that this is resolved for you. Once things move into the legal area it goes out of our scope as a consumer advocacy assistance forum.

The only thing I can suggest is posting on Reddit’s legal page.

Also, if you are still feeling suicidal please call the number sas provided. They can truly help.