iPhone 6 battery issue

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Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
@Kahhss I think post #12 and this post answers your last set of questions. I don't see any answers to your first few questions though:

They say the 6s replacement no problem however people are coming into the Apple store are being turned away with replacement appointment as there is no stock
Oct 10, 2015
@Kahhss I think post #12 and this post answers your last set of questions. I don't see any answers to your first few questions though:
Apple is messing with people who have been told that will get replacements. They don't have replacement inventory?
So far I have been offered nothing.
Nov 14, 2016
Phone is 16 months old, I've never replaced a battery, from what I've read it is a software and battery issue. Once someone other than Apple opens the phone all issues resort back to me! Why does my wife's exact phone and purchase date and used almost identically have no issues?Thanks
So it's out of warranty. It looks like you have two options.

1. Try to work via Apple support to see if you qualify for a battery replacement or see if they can get this fixed. I've reviewed your emails above and I'm not sure it's helpful when you respond to their emails with "I consider this phone to be a brick" no matter how true it is. You were advised by Carrie Livingston above on the way we would recommend approaching Apple for resolution including escalating this as needed. If yours was made within the time frame where Apple is replacing batteries then you have even more ammo when you contact Apple.

2. There are half a dozen places in most any town that will replace iPhone batteries for around $50. If you don't want to try to resolve this through Apple, take it to one of those shops and in a half hour you'll have a brand new battery. If the phone still has problems then you know it's not the battery. Frankly, this is what I would do because it wouldn't be worth my time to deal with Apple nor would I want to go spend $600 on another phone.