I think I should get a refund

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Oct 13, 2015
They through out so much food per day. The hotel would not lose money because they didn't have to services for day. Think about this You overpay a credit card bill by 200 dollars and they won't give it back
A better analogy is wedding catering. You contract with the caterer for, say, 100 guests. If 20 guests no-show, the caterer doesn't refund for those 5 because he/she has already paid for the food and hired staff based on the 100 head count.
Dec 19, 2014

You came to this forum to ask what your options are.
You already spoke to the manager, who refused your request.
You can appeal to the resort's customer service department, but apparently all the advocates are unanimous in their opinion that you are not entitled to a refund of 1 night.
Therefore, there is nothing else that can be advised for you.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Please just type what you need to say in a blank screen here. You aren’t using the reply function properly resulting in empty posts.

If you want to reply- you need to type what you want to say under the quotes on a reply like I’ve done here.
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