I received email from Hertz asking me to file an incident claim

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Oct 22, 2017
I recently rented a car from Hertz SFO for three days and had no incidents while I had the car in my possession. I returned the car in the exact condition I received it. Five days later I received an email stating the front bumper was damaged. The email asked if the vehicle was involved in an incident during my rental. And then stated, "Please let me know if the vehicle was involved in an incident and if you have any additional information to the other parties involved if applicable." They then instructed me to fill out an incident report.

Since I didn't have an incident with the car, I'm not going to fill out an incident report. I have not yet responded to the email because I am a little worried it's some kind of trap, and perhaps I should go further up the chain rather than dealing with the customer service rep. I do not have any photos of the bumper because I (apparently naively) thought that the inspection of the car happened when I checked the car back in and was given the OK by the Hertz representative. I don't understand how Hertz can state that I damaged the car when the car has been in their possession for a number of days since I returned it. I’ve rented from Hertz for years because I’ve had good experiences with them and they seemed like a trustworthy company. But it sounds like other people have had similar experiences with Hertz. Any advice on how to best proceed would be appreciated. Thank you!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Did you take pictures when you picked up the car and dropped it off? (We have a sticky on our car rental forum about this). That is the only way to prove you picked it up and dropped it off in the same condition.

However- do not fill out the claim. Tell them you did not cause any damage to the car and if there is any, it was pre-existing and they need to go back to the rental returns prior to yours and after yours and find the Customer who's return indicates this damage.

If they come back at you and insist on payment, follow this thread on what to do: