I have been falsely charged for a booking i NEVER made

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Jun 12, 2019
I have been charged 405 Euro for a booking i never made.

I did not receive a confirmation mail from expedia about this booking dated 13/3/19

On 16th May, 2 months after the booking expedia sent me a mail to review my check in and stay at this hotel.

Since 16th of May i have been chasing expedia for an explanation of this false charge and refund.

I have been directed to several different people and on phone i have been assured of this resolve and refund. However i keep receiving contradictory mails and no body seems to be responsible for answering my question, why am i charged? whey was i NOT informed about this reservation, why cant i get my refund?

I trust we will make some progress now that i have posted for help here.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I’m with Jville- how did they get your credit card number if you didn’t try to book anything? Did you check your spam folder to see if the email went there?

Are you saying that your credit card number was stolen for Expedia to have charged it? If that’s the case you need to file a police report.

Here are our contacts for Expedia:


And here is how to write:


You are going to have an uphill battle if you never checked your credit card statement and protested the charge. Good luck and let us know how you make out.


Verified Member
Jan 20, 2015
Was your credit card or bank account debited for this reservation on 13/03/19?
If so, did you not notice it?
It is now actually too late to dispute the charge if that is the case.
Apr 3, 2016
If they sent you a check in email, the reservation seems to have been done through your Expedia account. Is this booking totally out of the blue (as in you have never heard of the hotel) or on the booking date were you or someone else known to you logged into Expedia “looking” at hotels(especially similar to the one booked)? If it is the latter, then you may have not realized it actually booked while you were looking. If it is the former, who would book a hotel in your name, on your Expedia account/credit card - do you have a disgruntled ex or friend?