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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
On a recent trip to Chesapeake Bay, we stayed two nights at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland. Our second night was booked with Chase Ultimate Rewards. It's a lovely hotel and we enjoyed our stay very much. On reviewing my statement, I noted that we had been charged for that second night. I wrote a concise, polite email to the hotel, describing the situation and asking them to credit my card for the incorrect charge. Ten minutes later the front desk manager emailed me that she had corrected the billing and issued a credit. Ten minutes!

So pleasant to receive good customer service, especially via email. Explaining a situation like this on the phone is a nightmare as you repeat it over and over to different agents. Well done, Hyatt!
Aug 29, 2017
jsn55 - let's not get too excited and give Hyatt customer service the credit too soon. I have totally the opposite experience from you. I sent Grand Hyatt Jakarta an email to enquire about room upgrade matters, but didn't hear from them at all, so I forwarded the same email I sent to Grand Hyatt Jakarta to the reservation sales global contact centre (I am residing in Singapore), telling them that I did not hear anything from Grand Hyatt Jakarta for my enquiry. I specifically told the reservation sales global contact centre to assist me with my enquiry that I have sent to Grand Hyatt Jakarta in my very first email to them, which contains all the necessary information and snapshot relevant to my enquiry. To my astonishment, no one in the global contact centre bothered to read my email threads, but simply just by looking at my email titled "Reservation", they presumed I am enquiring on rates and availability, replying me and asking me for my interested check in date, which needless to say, was totally irrelevant to my enquiry.

I then replied them and said do you mind to read my first email to the hotel in the email thread to know what my actual enquiry was about, and I told them customer service worldwide always have this problem of NOT reading email properly to better address customers' need, same experience I had with Starwood Hotels just weeks before.

Needless to say, I do not hear from the global contact centre team since then.
Aug 21, 2017
I stayed at an Extended Stay America hotel, booked through their website, taking advantage of a discount offered through a pop up window. At check out, the employee at the front desk was, well, abrasive, telling me "you people" always think "you can get away with ripping us off" because I didn't have proof of the discount. (Silly me, I thought having a reservation through their website was proof enough...)

Once home I got an email asking me to do a questionnaire. So I did, in explicit detail. Within the hour I had an email from the hotel manager, apologizing for my experience, stating she would be having a conversation with the employee in question, and offering me a complimentary night's stay. I was impressed with the prompt response and the manager's proactive attitude.

Short story long, I always make it a point to contact businesses I receive exemplary service from, and did so in this case, sending emails to the appropriate corporate executives.