Hurrican Construction still ongoing?

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Sep 27, 2018
Yes, the wedding planner said "everything's fine" which of course expected. The wedding planner will continue to say that until ten minutes before they arrive to find the place a mess.

For what it's worth, Carol ... I dislike negativity, but ... I'm a Hilton Diamond person and have been for many years. Hilton treats me like a queen. I booked this hotel for several nights before a cruise a couple of years ago. I have never seen so many hotel employees so unfriendly, lackadaisical about their jobs and just plain dumb. That's the first time in 25 years of booking Hilton properties that I didn't love everything about my stay. I cancelled the two nights I had booked at the end of the cruise and stayed at the InterContinental. So ... you might want to consider a different property if it's at all possible. Reading TripAdvisor reviews will reflect whether things have improved or not. The Hilton people may or may not give you valid information, but TA people definitely will.
JSN55 I think your advice is valid since different Hilton properties treat Diamond members differently, probably due to how it is managed. Thus, if this property won't treat a Diamond member nicely, what chance does a customer have that will be a one time visitor?
Apr 4, 2019
Carol, this is what my wife received back- I hope you think it’s good news:

“The Caribe Hilton will be re-opened in May 1st after an aggressive investment of 150 millions...
Not just a new room, but a new hotel!
As soon as they give me photos, I’ll forward them to you.”

Hopefully by the time of your event in June, any operating kinks that usually happen with new openings will he worked out . But it sounds like your guests may be blown away by the new hotel.
Thank you ! I know 30 years from now I'll look back and laugh (at least my aunt says that) but it has been stressful. A new hotel~~I'm excited.
Apr 4, 2019
Sorry, I misread your post. That's the wrong hotel. The Caribe Hilton doesn't officially reopen until May 15. If you have reservations before then, you really need to speak to the hotel.
we aren't going down until June 19th, according to what Neil's wife received we should be good to's fingers crossed.