How to tour 'The Sound of Music,' 50 years later

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Jul 10, 2013
The Sound of Music remains as one of the most successful musicals and, since then, Salzburg remains one of the most popular destinations.

Panorama Tours continues to hold two four-hour Sound of Music tours, taking riders to places that were made famous by the movie.

"The tour picks us up from Mirabell Gardens where most of the "Do-Re-Mi" song was filmed, and proceeds to Leopoldskron Palace where the lake scenes were shot.

The palace's Grand Ballroom was too narrow to film in, so it was meticulously copied and recreated in the 20th Century Fox studios in Los Angeles for the waltz scenes.

Then we're off to the gazebo, used for "Sixteen Going on Seventeen."

It was originally sited outside Leopoldskron Palace but it attracted too many tourists for the business convention center housed there, so in 1989 it was moved to Hellbrunn Palace Gardens.

There are photo ops at the bottom of Nonnberg Abbey where Maria von Trapp was a novice nun, and outside Frohnburg Castle, which served as the exterior of the von Trapp villa."


There are two companies in Salzburg that do the Sound of Music tour and they don't really pick up at Mirabell Gardens, but right across the street. and then they dropped us off at Mirabell Gardens entrance at the end of the tour. They have booths in a parking lot right along the street. Both do the same tour, so you can't go wrong with either. I have done this tour and it was a lot of fun. Singing on the bus, trivia questions. The movie isn't known in Europe or with Austrians. It was made for the English speaking market. The town where the church that they used for the wedding scene is charming as is the inside of the church. The Frohnburg Castle is viewed from across the lake that the kids into from the boat. With the gazebo, you can stand right next to it for a great photo op.
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