How to get out of timeshare

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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Please do verify this. My mom inherited a property that she did not want. In short, the owner was a hoarder that didn't upkeep the property, it was exploding with cats, a homeless man had moved into the basement and wouldn't leave without legal eviction and sheriff removal, and the property taxes and a mandatory city fee for sewage hadn't been paid in years, resulting in liens and tax auctions. (I am totally serious here and couldn't make this up if I tried.) It cost her thousands and thousands of dollars just to get rid of it because the property was part of a land trust (for which the fees also weren't paid). There are estate planning and elder attorneys that can help avoid issues like these and a one hour consultation is well worth the fee.
Good lord, Rebecca, what an awful story. I second your advice to see an attorney ... hopefully one who specializes in time shares. Also good is the advice above about TUG. The thing isn't going to disappear into thin air, so something has to be done about it before your heirs get hung out to dry.
Sep 1, 2015
Major radio stations in the LA area carry ads from a law firm that claims to specialize in getting people out from under timeshares. Using that firm is probably throwing good money after bad, but it points out the situation is rampant enough to support a thriving sub-industry.
Apr 23, 2017
I just got out of my timeshare. It took a year to do it, but we pretty much had to get a lawyer to cancel our timeshare and get our money back. We used The Abrams Group. He is the only lawyer that does not take a deposit up front. He has 100% success rate. Most cases don't take as long as mine. It cost me $4000 to pay the lawyer when it was done. The resort refunded our down payment and the mortgage payments we put in. I was really surprised we got that because we chalked it up as a very expensive $2000 lesson. Getting the timeshare was the worst mistake of my life, next to my ex. There wasn't any availability for 3 years. It was a huge scam. As you know, it is nearly impossible to get rid of. Do yourself a favor and call The Abrams Group and get free from your timeshare. I don't get any compensation for mentioning them. I would just like to help others get out.
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