How do I get Frontier to Reimburse me for United Airline Tickets when their Flight Did Not Complete

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Dec 27, 2016
My family of 5 were on a Frontier flight to Cancun for long planned vacation through Apple on Dec 19, 2016 out of St. Louis. Not until a few hours after the scheduled flight out of St. Louis were we told they completely cancelled the flight & that we would be refunded the cost of our trip from an Apple representative. ( I've hear and read lots on why it happened and at this point, I don't care. I just want our money back.)

Long story short, after spending several hours trying to find another flight out we couldn't & we drove home. My husband then found a flight out on the other side of our state and we booked it. We got up at 3am 2 days in a row and our day getting to our resort took was over 21 hours. It was horrific, but we made it.

We went through an Apple travel agent online and I am not getting a straight answer from him. Our tickets to get down there were $1700 and we missed nearly 2 days at our resort. This agent is saying it's Frontier that will need to refund us, but they have nothing to do with the resort, not to mention the other expenses we incurred.

Do you have any advise?


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What a nightmare, Kristine, especially for a Christmas trip ... all travellers dread this kind of experience ... so glad you finally got there. Neil is right, you are Apple's client. The agent should have immediately told you how this would work. S/he is showing ignorance and lack of interest in customers. The proper response is something like "I'm so sorry, let me get some details down and I will make sure the right department gets to work on your request right away".

Please compose a concise, unemotional and polite letter to Apple requesting compensation. The refund may have already been processed by Frontier and your agent just doesn't know it yet. I'm assuming that Apple is a reputable travel agency and your problem just hasn't been handled yet.
Jul 27, 2016
Frontier should refund you the cost of your Frontier tickets, but the refund will have to go through Apple. As to the cost of the new flights you booked, those aren't Frontier's responsibility.
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