voucher only good for 1 room

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Feb 26, 2021
Hello! I booked multiple rooms across two reservations for the same dates of stay for a group trip set to take place in May 2020. We had to cancel the trip when the pandemic hit, as travel to the country was prohibited. The hotel told me that it would refund the cost of the rooms, but that we needed to request it through then said that they would only issue a travel voucher. We went back and forth, and emails to went unanswered until after the deadline to accept the travel vouchers. So, we accepted the vouchers after speaking with an agent, who said that the travel needed to be rebooked within one year, but that the travel could occur after that. Customer service responded after the voucher deadline, saying that they wouldn't refund us because we accepted the vouchers (what else were we supposed to do?) Now, I'm looking at the fine print of the vouchers, and it says travel must take place within one year (we still aren't allowed in the country due to a travel ban), and more concerning is that the voucher will only be applied to the first room on the new reservation. We have over $7000 worth of vouchers, since the voucher was for a reservation that included multiple rooms. We want to rebook multiple rooms. It doesn't seem fair that can only apply the voucher to the first room, when the voucher was given in exchange for a booking that included multiple rooms. Also, the voucher amount includes the taxes I paid on the initial reservation, but then the voucher says that it cannot be applied to taxes. Any advice on this?
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Jan 6, 2015
the United States
Your request seems both reasonable and appropriate, especially since the amount is over $7000! Limiting the booking to one room would take an excessive amount of time (years?). I also question the tax limitation. They included the taxes in the voucher but state you cannot pay taxes with it (there may be a legitimate reason for this but it escapes me).

You can escalate this using the contacts provided in this link: EXPEDIA
be sure to start at the lowest level and that you give each contact one (1) week to respond before escalating to the next level
politely state only what they "need to know" in order to understand your experience and your request quickly (3-5 minutes)
offer to provide documentation at a later time as some technology systems will quarantine emails that contain attachments

"I am writing to you today because my efforts to resolve an issue with customer service have been unsuccessful. Here are the details:
  • On ______ I booked __ rooms for a group trip set to take place in May 2020
  • When travel to the country was prohibited, we canceled
  • The hotel stated that it would refund the cost of the rooms, but would only issue a travel voucher
  • A agent said that the travel needed to be rebooked within one year, but that the travel could occur after that
  • In looking at the fine print, it says travel must take place within one year and only applies to the first room (on the new reservation)
  • The voucher also states that it cannot be applied toward the taxes
I would very much appreciate your intervention to extend the voucher to _________, and to change its conditions so may apply the amount to the total bill (taxes included)

Thank you for your time and consideration"

"the likely success of an appeal increases when it contains three (3) elements: a polite approach, a brief narrative, and a reasonable request"
Please take the time to update this thread as you progress toward a resolution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Your feedback is important to the forum advocates (volunteers)
Feb 26, 2021
There were different names given for the room occupants, but the reservation itself was under my name (and paid for by me) so the vouchers were given to me and not the room occupants. One of the vouchers (for the one room reservation) was under my name only, both the reservation and the occupant.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
For once, I think you are one thousand percent right. I can usually see both sides, but you've been wronged here, no question. Consider that whomever issued the vouchers just made a mistake. Your situation was not just like all the other cancellations and issued vouchers. Think of that as you follow VoR's excellent guidance and don't let any frustration show in your verbiage. You're just politely pointing out that there's a little glitch and you need to get it fixed.

In your case, I might just call and see if you can talk to someone in authority to explain what happened. It's hopeless to deal with a front-line agent on this, they will not/cannot understand, much less do anything about it. With a complex subject, sometimes a phone call is more efficient than a letter. You write well, so it's up to you. If you do write, put it in the form of a list of the facts in chronological order, with a narrative at the beginning and the end asking for what you want. Polite, patient, persistent and appreciative ... these people have got to be nearly crazed from dealing with all negative situations and cranky customers for nearly a year ... and there's no end in sight.