Hotel expenses for cancelled Spirit flight

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May 8, 2017
My Spirit flight back home last night was cancelled due to crew issues (return leg of a roundtrip). We confirmed that this cancellation was not due to weather. Spirit was unable to rebook me for several days so I, at my own expense, rebooked myself on another carrier the next morning. I had to use a different airport in the region as there were no seats available from the original airport I was booked out of. I incurred approx. $150 in expenses for a hotel room and Uber to get to that hotel.

I am not seeking compensation for the flight itself as I know Spirit won't cover this (I used miles anyways), but what are my chances with accommodations and the Uber?

How should I go about sending in receipts and my request?

Is this even worth my time?

For reference, here is the section from their Contract of Carriage:

8.3 Amenities/Services for Customers Spirit will not assume expenses incurred as a result of a flight delay, cancellation, or schedule change. Spirit may provide limited amenities and services, which may be required by certain customers in order to maintain their safety, health and welfare. Amenities provided by Spirit are provided as a courtesy to the customer and are not to be considered an obligation of Spirit. In the case of a cancellation or misconnection, if rebooking options are available the following day, and the cancellation was due to our failure, we may offer overnight hotel accommodations for non-local customers. However, if the cancellation or misconnection is caused by severe weather, Air Traffic Control decisions or other issues outside of Spirit’s control, we cannot offer such accommodations. We will, nevertheless, make reasonable efforts to provide information enabling customers to secure accommodations on their own. No lodging will be provided to a customer on any Spirit flight which is delayed or canceled in the originating city on the customer’s reservation.
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Jan 6, 2015
Their Contract of Carriage is here:

In paragraph 8.3 they say:

"In the case of a cancellation or misconnection, if rebooking options are available the following day, and the cancellation was due to our failure, we may offer overnight hotel accommodations for non-local customers."​

That said you can click on our Company Contacts link (top of this page) to find their contacts. Send a brief, polite email to Customer Service summarizing your experience and include the receipts. Be respectful of their time and assistance.

Wait at least two weeks for a reply before moving on to the executive level contacts.

Note: they may not reimburse for the Uber ride, but it's worth a shot ...
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Neil Maley

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Dec 27, 2014
New York
The may not reimburse you for the hotel either if you didn't allow them to rebook you on one of their flights. Once you rebooked with another airline, their obligations end.

But I would recommend you follow VoR's advice and ask anyway.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Definitely worth a shot, mcx, we see miracles here every week! Be concise and polite and submit via email to customer service. If no response, or you don't like the answer, use our Company Contacts to submit to each executive, waiting a week between each. Good luck! Kudos for your good attitude about what must have been a pretty awful return home.