Home Depot Window Installation Still Incomplete 1+ Yrs After Contract Signed

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Feb 15, 2019
Hi everyone,

Newbie to this website with a bear of a problem with Home Depot here!

Here's some background on my issue:

In Jan 2018, we signed a contract for Home Depot to replace 2 sliding doors and all of our windows. In April 2018, they spent one week on the install (full frame replacement and very large windows meant it was a tough job). The windows for our Master Bath were incorrect, as was one of the sliding doors. They convinced us to pay in full despite the outstanding work (something I very much regret). The door installation was not fully complete until Dec 2018 and the windows have not been installed. The latest update we squeezed out of them was that the windows are expected to arrive in early March.

As you can imagine, we're thoroughly sick of the process. During this time, we've had to own communication and push for installs to happen. When the new installation date rolls around, there's always a problem and they can't complete the install.

What we want from Home Depot:

a) The windows we ordered, fully installed :)
b) Compensation, which is something they've assured us will happen. But apparently, you can't talk compensation until the installation is complete.

I'm not crazy about that idea since most of our leverage comes from not having the windows.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions for you. I've been trying to get our case escalated and put in front of higher-ups, but even though the reps say they're CC'ing managers of managers of managers, we're never contacted by anyone. Seems like our regional people seriously dropped the ball here. I'd like to try contacting someone higher up directly, and am thinking about using Stacey Tank's email provided on this website.

1) Is there anyone else I should try contacting before emailing Stacey?

2) When I do contact Stacey, should I include a record of all my calls/contacts with reps, or keep it short & sweet and just list major dates (like door finally installed, installation scheduled that didn't happen, etc.)?

3) What do you think is a reasonable amount of compensation?
This has been going on for an insanely long time. We feel like our money is being held hostage, and our bathroom is always cold because the old window was terrible and the new window (held in by a couple of screws and foam since they didn't figure out it was wrong until they'd cut a hole in our house) isn't completely installed. We're hoping for 30% of the entire job; seems like a reasonable discount considering how far below expectations our experience has been.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You should start at Customer Service but you are way beyond that so write to Stacey. Don't make your letter too long or she won't read it. Start with a bullet point letter stating facts and if she responds then you can give her the names of who you spoke to.

As of right now, you just need to get what you paid for. I wouldn't be asking for additional compensation until after you get the install done and you can tell the executives you would appreciate a store credit for the inconvenience, and time and aggravation for something that you shouldn't have had to deal with.

Give Stacey a week to reply - if she doesn't or doesn't do anything, go to the next executive. Repeat if necessary.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is preposterous, Olivia. However, the people who do the installation do not work for Home Depot, right? And somehow they convinced you to pay in full. What an awful situation. But it's Home Depot's problem and they need to take care of you right now.

When you compose your email, you can state your case in one paragraph. That's the best way to catch the attention of a busy executive. They need to cut you a check for every penny you paid them so you can go out and find a reliable contractor (this phrase may be an oxymoron, at least in California). But good companies do exist; in my limited experience family-owned businesses have a good work ethic. Start now to find someone who will take care of this job properly. Good luck, and please keep us posted.