HOME DEPOT/SAMSUNG appliance delivery issue

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Dec 6, 2018
Good Morning Everyone,

On November 5th, I placed an order with HOME DEPOT, for 2 ranges, a french door refrigerator, dishwasher, and an over the range microwave, all SAMSUNG. I will say, I got an amazing deal. I went into the store, so I could deal with a human, and was advised by the HOME DEPOT employee to order my items online, and I did so. NO items on my list were backordered at the time I placed the order. I chose the delivery date 12/5/18, and received a confirmation through email. I did not sign up for installation, because my contractor was already hired to do so.

On November 29th, I received a text from HOME DEPOT with instructions on delivery and a message telling me to expect a call the night prior for my delivery window. On November 30th, 2 business days prior to delivery, I received a voicemail at 5:30 in the evening stating that my delivery would be delayed, and that it would be delayed a a month and 1/2, and delivered on January 18th. This put me without appliances for Christmas, and more importantly it put me past the date that my contractor was available to do the install. He was having surgery on the 12th, and will be out of commission, for 3 weeks. I specifically chose December 5th for this reason.

I called SAMSUNG and they told me that the items were backordered. He then told me that it was only some of the items, and not the others, so I should cancel and reorder. I told him that I got them on sale, and he promised that my original prices would be honored. He canceled my order, and told me to call home depot and tell them that needed to call and get a RGA code and my prices would be honored. HOME DEPOT, had no idea about the code, and told me they would not honor the price. It is worth noting that SAMSUNG had not notified HOME DEPOT about the delivery cancellation, they still had me down for the 5th. There is no reason for SAMSUNG to call me directly, so I put SAMSUNG and HOME DEPOT in touch with one another.... again, not my job. It is also worth nothing that the call about the delay, and SAMSUNG'S recommendation cancel and reorder, came ONE day after the sales ended.

HOME DEPOT has promised that 3 of the items will come by the 14th, and they will have the oven installed at their cost. However, they are having the stove delivered on the 14th, and installed on the 18th. They will not install the waterline on my fridge, or dishwasher, or cover the cost to have someone else do it. I need to be home for two deliveries, and an install date, causing me to miss 3 days of work instead of one.

The answer is always that SAMSUNG, delivery, and installation are all 3rd party companies. That is not an excuse. I paid thousands of dollars to Home Depot, received confirmation for sale and delivery from HOME DEPOT, not the 3rd party companies.

I have been on the phone with Home Depot daily. The store managers, and trying to help, but I am being told that corporate is not answering, or attempting to help them, help me.


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Here are contacts for HomeDepot: https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/home-depot/

STOP calling them. Use email only so you have a record of what they tell you. Start with the first cust serve person and give them a week to respond; move up to the next person if no/negative response. You should be able to get HD to pay for the installs. They, however, are at the mercy of Samsung to have the product available.