Home Depo ruins my credit

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May 3, 2019
A contractor I hired to do work at my home used my HD credit card to purchase materials for jobs other than mine. He was not authorized by me to make the purchases. I disputed the charges, filed a police report and eventually brought a claim against him in State Court, obtaining a default judgment. Home Depot has refused to reverse the charges even though it was clearly theft. They "investigated" for over a year during which time they provided me with a new HD card. After concluding that I was liable for the stolen charges they put the outstanding balance on my active card, increasing the monthly payment to a payment level I could not sustain. I "gave up" and entered into a payment arrangement with them whereby they would stop charging me interest. However, their reporting to the credit agencies has put a strangle-hold on my ability to obtain any type of credit and move forward in my life. I have requested that they at least delete the entire transaction from my credit history, given that they refuse to write off the over $8,000 that was stolen from me. They refuse. My credit score has dropped from the 740 range to the low 600's and at one point was in the low 500's. I have made every good faith effort to resolve this problem and Home Depot refuses to work with me in any way. I am of retirement age and my credit score is hindering my efforts to plan for my future. At my present payment rate, it will take something like 3.5 to 4 years to pay this off.

What's your desired resolution? Ultimately, the card was stolen from me and used without my authorization. I would like Home Depot to reverse the charges and have the entire transaction removed from my credit history.

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 8000
Sep 19, 2015
I guess the problem is that you gave the card to the contractor in the first place — from Home Sepot’s point of view — you gave it for only your things but the contractor bought other items. So HD thinks this is between you and the person you gave the card to.

Can you not collect from the judgment? Did the contractor have any liability insurance — was he licensed and bonded?
Nov 20, 2015
A few questions just to clarify:

Did the contractor take the card without your knowledge?
Did you give him the card to make purchases for your project?
Was the contractor arrested?
How long after the charges were made did you report the unauthorized charges?


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
Was it an independent contractor that you hired personally, or was it one of Home Depot's subcontractors? That is, did you buy new flooring (or whatever) from Home Depot and pay them to install it? If you went and hired the contractor yourself, Home Depot isn't responsible here, and you will have to sue the contractor. If it was Home Depot's subcontractor, then I think you have recourse against HD.
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Sep 27, 2017
While getting judgements is relatively easy, collecting small claim judgements is awfully difficult.
The OP mentioned state court, not small claims. Since the amount in dispute is $8000, that's much more than the $5000 limit allowed in most small claims courts, so I am thinking this is not a small claims courts case, unless I missed something.
Dec 19, 2014
How did the contractor obtain your credit card? Your problem is, if you authorized the contractor to use the credit card then the debt is valid. It may be theft, but you have sued the contractor and obtained a judgment. You are not protected by the "unauthorized" use of the credit card unless the credit card was stolen or fraudulently obtained.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I believe the problem is that your card was not stolen- it sounds like you gave it to the contractor to use for you and Home Depot has no way to determine what was purchased for your job and what wasn’t. If you willingly gave it to the contractor, it seems like you are liable for everything he charged and will have to sue him.
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Oct 8, 2018
About ten years ago I had a contractor take off my roof in the rain. There was major damage that he refused to repair and I ended up getting a $3,000 judgement against him. The County Sheriff got it from him and he had to pay both me and the charges from the Sheriff's Department. I think they can also seize property from him
Mar 23, 2015
Your issue is not with Home Depot. You stated that you "gave up" and that you entered into an agreement with them and a payment plan. Now you want them to modify that agreement and take those purchases OFF and let you off the hook after you agreed to pay for them. Your issue is with the crooked contractor who made unauthorized purchases. HE is the one who stole from you. I am confused as to why you are not pursuing legal avenues (liens, etc..) against HIM. Then you can use whatever assets you get from HIM to pay Home Depot back. Good Luck!


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Your credit card is meant to be used only by YOU. If a member of your family wants to charge something on your account, they need a card in their own name on your account. If someone doing work on your house doesn't have the resources to buy materials, you need to go buy them. A contractor who doesn't have his own CC is suspicious and I wouldn't work with them. Anybody who uses your credit card with your permission is "at fault", not the company who issued the card nor the business who sold the goods. If you give a contractor your CC, you are responsible for paying your CC bill. Collecting on a charge like this is very difficult. Just don't ever do it.