Hit by an Enterprise rental car.

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Feb 7, 2018
Last week I was hit by an Enterprise rental car- they were at a stop sign, didn't stop and crashed into the front side of my car. At least 3500$ in damages. When the cops called Enterprise to obtain insurance information they informed him the driver wasn't the 1 who rented the vehicle but was listed as a secondary driver and HAD permission to operate the vehicle. Since I don't have collision coverage on my car I had to get in contact with ELCO, Enterprise's insurance. They told me that the driver wasn't the one who rented the car (I didn't know what they had told the cop) and that they weren't paying anything until they are able to get in contact with both the driver& the renter so they can make sure that the renter gave permission to the driver to operate the car. Neither the driver or renter is returning the insurance's phone calls and the insurance is basically telling me I'm out of luck... Is there anything I can do?
Jan 6, 2015
For this situation, you can use the Company Contacts link at the top of this page to present your case. Before you do, be sure to read and follow the instructions at the top of the initial Company Contacts page first.

They should not have to check withe anyone because secondary (authorized) drivers will be listed on the rental contract ...


This will probably fall under the Grave's amendment. Basically, if the renter did not take coverage offered by the rental car company which would cover the driver, you (or your insurance company) will probably need to pursue the driver (and their insurance company if there is one) for payment.

The police should have the contact information for the other driver. You may want to try to contact them for payment (or their insurance information if there is any), as it is ultimately their responsibility to pay for damages if they are deemed at fault. If there was coverage with the rental agency, the driver should be willing to assist so they won't have to pay out of pocket. Otherwise, you may need to take the driver to court (check small claims in your State).
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