Hilton closed my Hhonors account and Stole my points.

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Apr 6, 2016
On January 21, I received a email letter from Hilton Worldwide (Kristy Myrick - Sr. Director - Guest Assistance/Hhonors Customer Service) stating that they were closing my account and reclaiming 120.000 points that were there
The reason she gave - "Our records indicate that the total compensation offered to your Hhonors account, represents 75% of the revenue you have spent with our hotels within the last 24 months."
First of all I travel 3 -4 days a week and book the vast majority, 95% of my travel through third party companies such as Priceline or Groupon. I only use Hhonors when I have to stay at a specific hotel in a specific city.
As for the Hhonor points: 20,000 were awarded by a Hilton in Costa Mesa for an ADA violation (I am in a wheelchair) and the other 100,000 points were awarded because of a nightmare stay at a Hampton Inn in San Bernardino were among other things I ended up WORKING on their computer system for 2 hours. We negotiated 100,000 points instead of a cash payment and this was approved by the hotel's management/ownership team.
Since January I have made multiple calls and even sent emails to Ms. Myrick and the Hhonors Dept. with no response.
Please help.
Dec 12, 2014
You should write a polite letter with as little emotion as possible, to the Company Contacts for Hilton which can be found at:

Wait a week for a response. If you don't hear from them or their response isn't acceptable, write to the first executive. Wait a week and if you still aren't satisfied, write to the next, wait a week, etc.

Let us know how it turns out.
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I love the message this sends . . . we have given you tens of thousands [hundreds?] of comp points because we've messed up your travel, violated the law, and paid you to fix our wifi system, but we're going to add insult to injury and take them away because you are using them. . . .

Dear Ms. Myrick [check the naming convention in their email system - see if you can find her]

Re: Hhonors Account:

Apparently your office has terminated my Hhonors account because too many of my points come from comped sources. I find this astonishing: Hilton properties have made mistakes in my lodging of such severity that they have decided to award me appropriate levels of compensation, and without inquiry to me or those properties, or any investigatory effort, you have allowed a computer program to make the decisions concerning my account for you.

As a result of your unilateral action, Hilton owes me cash compensation for repairing the wifi system at its property in San Bernardino, California, as well as cash compensation for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act at your property in Costa Mesa, CA.

I was willing to accept non-cash compensation from the Hotels in question, but since you have decided to run these hotels for the local managers, my demand is $2500. Failure to pay within 10 calendar days will result in appropriate action being taken.

I will, however, in lieu of the cash payment, accept reinstatement of account, an upgrade to Diamond for 2016 and 2017 as well as placement of 250,000 points in my account as compensation for your unilateral and unfair action. If you wish to verify any of my facts, please contact me so I can provide you the names of the managers of the hotels who

Very Truly yours,

What is the worst they can do? BTW - I'm admitted in to practice in California and would be happy to write this letter for you if you wish representation . . . they've taken your points away and have repudiated the deals you made with those properties- slam them.

PS: The email convention looks like: kmyrick@hilton.com - give it a try
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Well, Daniel, I was formulating my response to your problem when I read Joe's advice. It's perfect; well, you could soften it up a TAD maybe, but not much. HHonors has made a major blunder treating you like this. They obviously did not bother to verify the source of your HH points before taking such a unilateral action. Upper management will be appalled.

When composing your letter, I would take the stance that some low-level employee has done something stupid but you're confident that the smart HH people will rectify the situation. I've been an HH person for years, so please come back and let us know the outcome, I am very curious. If you need a direct HH email address, please let me know, I have it somewhere.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
Watch they give her another 100k points for this issue and then in 6 months, change their minds and close the account again. If you do get the account back, I would try and use them as quickly as possible and start shopping around for a status match.