Hi please !! I would be thankful if you read this...

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Nov 30, 2018
Hi Mr. Elliot, I am one of your subscribers and also the fan who enjoy your amazing video contents. I was actually watching one of your video and that video was about, “how to get refund”. I thought this was amazing opportunity to ask you about my situation with Expedia. My father is pastor who is currently missionary and works for many things, he had business in Vancouver, Canada, so he done the reservation from LA to Vancouver, using Expedia. But this part is where things get out of places. My dad was so busy, so he used one of those auto filled reservations system and accidentally, his father’s name ( my grandfather) went in for his reservation. It was due to the previous reservations where he ordered tickets for my grandfather. So we called Expedia for refund and they said they only can refund through credit under the passenger’s name on ticket (my grandfather) and there’s no way my grandfather can use it !,so I asked them if we can change name on ticket, but they said it’s not available. But when I called the other day to another representatives and she said they might can refund ! And all this different opinions and information came out from many representatives. I kinda think, Expedia might can refund, but they are just lazy to do it. So I was wondering, if u have any idea or any information helpful for getting refund on this situation. I will be really thankful and appreciated if you are willing to spent your precious time and give methods to make this refund happen! I am still thankful even though u don’t reply to this email ! So please, don’t have any pressure. Because I am thankful just by your videos, they have so many useful tips and I love it ! I hope you have blessing day and I will be thankful and appreciate, if you help me for this situation ! Thank you ! Very and much one more time, have amazing and blessing day!

—from your fan !

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You are in for a tough plight here because he didn’t fix this within 24 hours.

Expedia cannot refund- it’s up to the airline, not Expedia. Had he booked directly, you might have a little bit of a chance but through Expedia you now have someone who is a go between and is not going to fight too hard for you.

The normal thing is that he would have to cancel the ticket and get charged a cancellation fee and get a credit to use within a year from the day the ticket was purchased. But you have an additional issue that the credit will be issued in your grandfathers name. Your Dad has to write and basically beg for an exception.

Here are contacts for Expedia:


Email ONE at a time starting with the first person on the cust serv list. DO NOT email all at once and do not start with the president and CEO.

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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
It's very important that the person with the problem be the one to communicate with the travel provider, iamforgospel. So your dad needs to follow up with this.