Hertz claiming damage to rental vehicle days after the car was returned

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May 20, 2020
Two days after returning home from a business trip in Phoenix I received an email from Hertz asking if I had been in an accident because there was damage to the front bumper of the vehicle. In my response I stated that I had not been in an accident and I did not see the damage they were referring to. Several days later I received a response stating they would pass my email address along to the claims department and they would contact me if any additional information was required.

After a month or so I had not received another email so I assumed the issues had been resolved. But then in early February I received a letter asking for $800 dollars within 10 days or the claim would be turned over to a collection agency and I would no longer be allowed to rent from Hertz. Later that day I called the claim center and explained that I was never in an accident and that there was another person in the car with me the entire time can confirm this, I also pointed out that the return receipt I received did not mention any damage.

Towards the end of the conversation the representative asked why I didn't wait for the car to be checked in by a Hertz employee and I explained that there weren't any around and that I did wait for 15 minutes. After confirming that I turned the car in around 7:15 AM the representative stated that the return people usually don't start working until 8 AM which is surprising since this location is at an international airport. During the entire phone call the representative didn't seem interested in any of the points I made and the call ended without a resolution.

I have been traveling for business for over 20 years and have never experienced anything like this and at this point I'm not sure what to do, Hertz is the primary agency my company uses so I don't want to lose my ability to rent from them and I honestly don't feel I'm responsible for the damages.


Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Follow our instructions on this thread for addressing damage claims from rental car companies: