HERTZ Burnt clutch

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Sep 17, 2019
On 08/25/2019 @ HERTZ Venice Marco polo airport, I picked up a car from HERTZ with mechanical problems, No not knowing of the problems with the vehicle, I started to drive the car and the car wouldn't go in to third gear, I try a couple of times and stop the vehicle one floor down where I picked it up. walked up to the counter and told the men who has giving me the vehicle about the gear problem. immediately he responded" oh you burnt the clutch", I never drove the vehicle over a fraction of a mile. the vehicle had 6450 miles on it when I picked it up, I had the vehicle for less than 15 minutes, I am from south america I drove manual vehicles all my life.
I decided to walked to a help desk inside the airport and started a complain.
also I twitter my ordeal and somebody from Hertz contacted me on the day of the event and asked for more information so than an investigation could be start.
Two days ago I received a bill for a burnt clutch for 1371.04 EUR!!!!
I had been trying to contact HERTZ with no luck.
Call to costumer service line send me to a non-existing web site and the Hertz web site give you the run around.
Any help will be appreciated.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
This is one of the most ridiculous stories from a car rental company I’ve ever seen. His could you possibly burn out a clutch when you never left the garage?

Here are our contacts from Herz. Please use them and start from the Customer Service email and move to to the execs one at a time leaving a week in between each email.

Apr 12, 2019
I would word what happened a bit differently to help you. I would say that you picked up the car and immediately noticed that there were mechanical issues with the car (unable to switch gears) and stopped in the garage because of them. Leaving the car safely parked in the garage, you reported it the Hertz representative. He was not helpful and his response indicated he was already aware of the issue with the car he just rented me. I request the claim against me for 1371.04 Euros be dropped immediately. Make sure to include all relevant rental and claim/bill information so they can investigate.