Help with refund from or Jet Smart

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Mar 16, 2021
My Husband and I were on a HAL cruise ship off Chile. On 3/15/20 due to COVID-19, Chile gave us 24 hours to disembark and make arrangements to fly home. Then on 3/16/20 they changed their minds. I had made flight arrangements via on Jet Smart to fly from Puenta Arenas to Concepcion then to Santiago. On 4/21/20 I applied for a full refund of $296.94 from On 11/08/20 I received a partial refund of $127.25 for the leg from Puenta Arenas to Concepcion. I have since been in contact via chat for the remaining $169.69. I have asked for a Denial Letter so that I can apply to my Travel insurance Co. for the remaining monies. They refused to do so and stated my request is in the Action Process. Please help. The time frame to apply for my travel insurance expires 6/6/21.


May 30, 2019
So, your desired outcome is documentation from stating that your request for refund was denied?


Jan 6, 2015
the United States
Your next step, I believe, should be to request Company Contacts for them ( With those, you will be able to ask that the remaining refund be accelerated (or for the denial letter if applicable).

You can request new contacts using this link: Research Request Form
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
And by all means, write to your insurance company and request an extension due to circumstances beyond your control. Inform them that you are diligently working on the problem.
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Mar 16, 2021
Did you cancel and if so why do you think you are due a full refund let alone any refund at all.
I do not remember if i cancelled. I had many hotels, tours and other airlines to cancel and I do not remember if they were in my check list. I am however still pursuing a denial letter or remaining cash refund (not Credit). Cannot find contact information for Jet Smart. Plan: to contact for Jet Smart's contact information. I have previously paid in April for an accelerated refund. I have also been in contact with my Travel Insurance carrier. They suggest I contact Jet Smart directly and request cash refund or credit which I am to void. Am also to request a letter in 1 week from Jet Smart that if they offer credit, any credit they offer is voided. My Travel Insurance expires 6/6/21. I will definitely request an extension if I do not receive a reply from or Jet Smart. Thanks for all your suggestions.


Mar 14, 2018
I tried to email Mr. Ortiz this am (5/12/2021). My email was blocked.
The CEO of JetSmart is Estuardo Ortiz. The previously posted email was missing one "o". Assuming the previous email format was correct, you might try

(Don't put the spaces in the address. I just added them so this site wouldn't convert the email to an emoji.)
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