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May 19, 2019
Below is a note that I've sent numerous times to "" over the past few day in response to my seller's account be hacked and taken over by someone. Last October, Amazon DISCONNECTED their seller support phone line and now a seller can only contact them through emails. Because of this, Amazon's support team NEVER gets back to their sellers'. Amazon has a LOT of work to do on improving their customer service procedures - especially for their sellers'.

The question I have is this: how can I make Amazon resolve this issue that I'm now facing?

My account was hacked earlier last week - afterwards I received an email from stating to change my email address and access code which I did - changed to Everything was working okay until Friday morning May 17. Someone now has control of my account using a different 3-part name and reactivated my old email address ( I cannot access my account and do not know if my account balance of around $6,500 has been taken or not. I need for someone to contact me as soon as possible to clear up this matter before too much damage is done to both myself and my customers.

If you send me an email to it will probably not reach me because my internet provider (-------) told me yesterday that the note may be diverted to another location - they are not sure.

Please call me at 7**-**0-****.

Rick D******
***********, Colorado 80127
Phone number 7**-**0-****
Mar 23, 2015
This is not an Amazon page, but I've always had no issues getting immediate responses from Amazon through Chat. Have you not been able to Chat with Amazon support?


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Are you sure that the emails addresses you have used are actually Amazon addresses? Did you respond to an email without verifying (on the Amazon web site) that they were actually from Amazon? It is easy for scammers to send emails that look official but are actually not from the organization that the address indicates. This is a common scam with banking address to get customer login IDs and PWs.
May 19, 2019
Yes - I'm made sure that the email addresses are from Amazon - even one of the CS supervisors could see my emails on their system.