Help getting a refund for P!nk tickets in Houston

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Sep 27, 2017

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Ticketmaster!

I surprised my wife for Christmas with tickets to see P!nk in Houston (Toyota Center arena) for this Sunday. 4/29. Ticketing for this event was handled directly by Toyota Center itself, and not Ticketmaster.

When I purchases these tickets from the Toyota Center, they required me to transfer the tickets to 'Flash Seats', their official sub-contractor that handles e-tickets for the venue (no paper tickets were being issued by the Toyota Center for my event). A link on the Toyota Center site lead me to, a company listed on the Toyota Center's TOC page as the official e-ticket handler for such events.

Well, this week the concert was switched to tonight (Friday 4/27) due to the Houston Rockets hosting a playoff game there Sunday. My wife and I were to be travelling from New Orleans for the event, but simply could not work out the logistics (changing hotel reservations, switching days off from work, etc) to attend on such short notice.

If this was a Ticketmaster event, TM has a refund policy that when dates are changed for an event, the ticket holder would be offered a refund. But, of course, this isn't Ticketmaster.

I tried to find out how to get a refund for the concert. 'Flash Seats' has a 'Too bad, so sad' policy, even for rescheduled events; the Toyota Center has a vague, brief, and very legal "If the Event is rescheduled, this ticket may only be exchanged pursuant to procedures established by Toyota Center" on it's TOC page, without a link to these 'established procedures'.

So, of course, I did try to sell them earlier this week (For face value, +/-$10). Since FlashSeats is the official e-ticketer and reseller, I tried to sell through them.

As of this morning (the morning of the concert), the tickets have yet to be sold. I attempted to do a fire sale and drop the price way down ($40/ ticket, less than half of face), just to get something out of it and not deal with a total loss. It was then that I found out 'Flash Seats' has a policy that you can not sell tickets for less than 80% of face, and the site stopped me from completing the post.

And since everything is e-ticketed, I dpn't even have worthless paper tickets as souvenirs.

Do I have any recourse? I'm so afraid if I did complain, I'd wind up in ping-pong hell, with FlashSeats telling me to talk to the Toyota Center and Vice-Versa, if they didn't shut me off completely.

As someone who absolutely loathes TM, at least I know their policies would have treated me fairly in this situation.

All I want is my money back. Before I start writing my screed and complaining (don't worry, I'm a long time reader and know the drill on how to write these), do you believe it's even worth my time to do so? Any other suggestions?
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