Hassle with system error and agent's misinformation

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Mar 9, 2019
Could you give any advice how should I handle this case?

First, I bought an international ticket on Delta's website that involves a codeshare with Air France. While payment goes through, an error message pops up that I couldn't read carefully. I checked My Trip on my account and I could select a seat for this trip. Also every gift card and credit card I used was charged correctly. I thought I might just ignore.

That night, I felt not good because I didn't get an email confirmation. So I called Delta and they said I didn't pay the ticket yet, so I hold a seat but it is not yet ticketed. I argued that the balance of gift card becomes zero and the credit card was charged, and he agreed there was an error and re-issued the ticket.

After few days, I realized the ticket just disappeared in my account on the website. I didn't get any notice so I called Delta again with annoyance. The agent told me that the ticket has been cancelled by Air France's side for some reason he doesn't understand, but anyway he can either re-issue the ticket or refund it. I chose a refund because I thought this ticket involves some glitch so I want to make a new reservation. He said it will proceed in 7 days.

Meanwhile, I bought a new ticket with exactly the same route and dates, but with different class because I didn't want to spend extra money for Delta at this point.

After the promised 7 days, I didn't get a refund so I called Delta again. This time another agent said the refund has been never requested for this ticket! I had to explain all the story again, but she said she can't request a refund because it is non-refundable and few days have passed. I felt like she was ignoring the detail of this case, and she connected me to her manager after meaningless conversation. That manager, really, was so rude and treated me as a liar. She repeated, the previous agent should've not offered a refund option because it was non-refundable at that point. But I said he really told me the refund was processed and I bought a new ticket believing his word. She was so sarcastic that she will absolutely refund it if she hear the evidence he told like that.

Thanks god! I actually recorded all calls just in case. I felt so depressed that they don't trust me but I could show her the evidence. But because it was in my phone, I had to transfer it to play the tape and asked her to wait for a minute. When I was back to the call after prepared, she hung up literally after a minute.

Is there anything I did wrong? What is the best way to correct this hassle? I already wasted like 6 hours while calling and chatting with them.
Jan 6, 2015
You can use the Company Contacts at the top of this page to appeal to the airline(s). When you do, include any screen shots that show the purchase and the cancellation by the airline(s). They will want some proof of your version of events.

I recommend you avoid accusations and insults as they will not help your case. You want to concisely present the relevant facts and politely request compensation. Read this first: https://forum.elliott.org/threads/resolving-consumer-complaints-and-developing-a-paper-trail.8903
Dec 19, 2014
Stop calling. All communication at this point on should be communicated with e-mail or online chat.
I would compose a clear, concise letter documenting your failed transaction and the refund you are due and expecting.
I would send a letter to the general Delta customer care team but if you don't get action then use the executive contacts
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is a most frustrating situation. My colleagues have given you good advice. Please compose your letter carefully so that whomever is reading it can understand exactly what happened. Just state the facts, leave out everything else. If your letter is not understood, it will be set aside. It's often a good idea to just make a list of the facts ... your letter needs to be crystal clear and as brief as possible. If you'd like to post a draft here, we'll be glad to review it for you.
Mar 9, 2019
Thank you for all answers. I sent an email while contacting with a twitter. The agent on twitter checked my recording (it took another 1-2 hours) and requested a refund to the appropriate department. This time I get the actual refund transaction ID. Though the status shows it is still pending but I will see after few days. They tried to call me today twice (but with the number I could not call back) but I missed both. Hope it was not something like they actually cannot offer the refund. Of course I didn't get the answer from the email yet.

In addition, I asked about the compensation for my wasted time and energy, but the agent said that is not possible. Oh well, their minutes are so precious to hang up the call while my time has no value. Instead I might need to mitigate my annoyance by writing a VOC, though it directly goes to the trash can.

Lessons learned: don't trust agents, record every call, and go twitter right away to save time. I can't imagine what happened if I did not have the recording.
Mar 9, 2019
Update: they called again this morning and I could make the call. This agent sounded like she investigated this case very carefully (she knew every conversation I had with other agents) and sincerely apologized. She refunded the total amount (including gift cards) to the credit card, and also offered $100 voucher on top of it.