Hartford(Bait and Switch?)

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Oct 6, 2017
I got the cheapest auto insurance from the hartford in Oregon 1!/2 year ago since then I got cancelled once. Premiun raised $10 bucks a month. 5ish time penalties.Overcharged for two months I didn't need. So, I feel any discount I may have got over the competitors was easily erased by the lack of communication I received by using non-local business with no way to see any one in person to resolve issues.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm sorry, Karl, I can't figure out your post. If you want to make a list of the facts in chronological order, we will be happy to offer advice.
Feb 9, 2016
@karl B. I see that you haven't been around since you initially posted. it also says your are 16 years old.

Assuming that you got this insurance at the end of your 15th year, you say that you got a great rate initially but that, since then, they have cancelled on you and then reinstated at an additional cost of $10 per month ($120 a year).

Then you say that there were late fees assessed to your account 5 times (5 late payments?) and, as well, you were charged for 2 months of insurance that you really didn't need - but no one called to cancel?

So now you feel like that initial great rate was just a bait and switch, in preparation for the upcharges later to come?

Your insurance company can cancel on you at any time, as you also may cancel them at any time. At the time of cancellation, any balance outstanding must be refunded. As an example, I pay my car insurance for the entire year. if I decide to cancel that insurance, they refund me the months I didn't use.

There was a reason your car insurance cancelled your policy. If they decided to take you back on the condition that they raise your rate $10 a month, that agreement was between you and them. You can always go find another insurer.

Late fees are late fees. if you pay late, they can assess a fee. idk what to say about this.

Overcharged for 2 months you didn't need - did you cancel the insurance prior to the non-need date? Insurance isn't backdated. If you got a new policy you may be able to send them coverage dates and, if they overlap, get a refund. Contact new insurance company for a letter you can email to them.
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Neil Maley

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Dec 27, 2014
New York
I am willing to bet that there are conditions in your policy that needs to be met for the policy to remain in place

Late payments may be one of them- and late payments also affect your credit rating which also can be a reason why they canceled your policy.

I think you should read the original policy to see what the terms were - it is possible that you violated them causing the cancellation.