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Feb 4, 2019
I will like to get a full refund on both my tickets from Los Angeles to Ft Texas Amarillo Tx to Los Angeles. During theses trips I woke up to a passenger trying to steal my Apple Watch off my wrist told the bus driver nothing done headphones being stolen off the charger as I was sleep still nothing done being threatened by racist passengers in Amarillo Tx (stating his sperm mixed in with a monkey will create another me ) so I’m thinking rape. Then he says after that he wanted to skin me cut the skin off my body during this time frame the driver was walking on and off the but due to the engine cutting off as he was driving so as the driver was exiting off the bus I said let me go with you I’m in fear for my safety the driver told me that I would have to remain on the bus no one can exit and he locked me on the bus with this crazy guy. It’s more to what happened on the bus but I’ll just continue with the main issues we were stuck on a narrow highway for 3 hours with on going traffic going at high speeds and they were only inches away because the bus wasn’t securely off to the side of the highway the bus driver fell asleep at the wheel when the new bus arrived when the co driver asked him what happened he stated that they weren’t getting enough sleep he just came off a run and they putting him right back out. Amarillo Tx also canceled my first bus and told me I had to get on a Charter bus so I asked what’s the name so I can verify that there associated with greyhound before I board he told me there was no name so I began to panic so my next question was when was the next greyhound bus leaving for Los Angeles he told me at 2:45am so I replied I’ll just wait on that one I’m not getting on a bus that’s not greyhound anything can happen to me he explained that he wasn’t trying to be prejudice to me and that sent up another red flag in my head so I called my family from California and told them to apply pressure and see where my ticket is and why I’m not in the system because I did a ticket search and my ticket was canceled after so many hours I was able to board a grey hound bus while on the bus I was called several n-word and monkey names​
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