Great Delta customer service through Facebook portal

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May 31, 2017
So often on this site, I see folks who are faced with a variety of discouraging issues that don't always have a great resolutions. I wanted to share a great Delta story here that had a remarkable ending. My family and I had planned to attend our son/nephew's graduation from Army flight school at Ft Rucker in early December. However, the Army had to reschedule the graduation for later in December. Evidently the pilots weren't getting enough flight time due to inclement weather in Alabama. Of course we had our flights all set up for the early December date, and now we would need to change them all. I was a little apprehensive, wondering if we could change 4 tickets and more importantly, what it was ultimately going to cost in increased fare and change fees. While I normally would have started with a phone call, I decided to begin with the Delta Facebook portal since I had received assistance with questions from them before. After several inquiries and conversations with Delta agents via Facebook, and checking with my family throughout the process, I ended up on an early Sunday morning with an awesome rep who encouragingly said, "Let's make this happen, shall we!" It was then I was hopeful that all would work out!! This rep worked with me via Facebook, gathering information about the tickets. Full disclosure here, I did tell him the reason for the change was military related. After about 30 minutes he asked if he could call me, Wow, totally unexpected!!!! I received the call, and in about another 30 minutes later, I had all of the tickets changed with no change fees and no redeposit fees for the Skymiles we needed to put back in my sister's account. I actually received money back since the fare was less on my new ticket than it was on my original one. Amazing!!! Then, a week later we realized that our graduating pilot had made arrangements to fly home on leave for the holidays and had a Delta Basic economy ticket that had the outbound flight dated the day before the new graduation date! Once again, reached out to Delta Facebook reps. Once again, even though it was the dreaded Basic economy ticket, we were able to have the outbound date changed and with no change fee or fare increase here either. How awesome is this??? We knew from past experience, that working with military members and their families has always seemed to be a priority for Delta. I can honestly say that - 100%, YES it is a priority!!! While we read alot of negative things about dealing with airlines, at this given time, with our family's issue, Delta stepped up and came through for us.

Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Jeannie, thanks for posting your success story, hopefully, it will help others in the future. I'm closing the thread since there is no request for further assistance.
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