Grand Baia Principe Resort

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Oct 27, 2017
Booking ID# 31991500 (Jamaica) 10/15/17-10/20/17

I booked this trip to Jamaica for myself, wife, & group of friends to celebrate my late birthday and their 6th Wedding anniversary. However, upon our arrival at your Grand Bahia Principe resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, my wife and I were not placed in the type of room that was booked for us originally (king size bed-junior suite). Nor were we placed in the vicinity of the rest of our group, both of which were requested at the time of booking with Cheap Caribbean earlier in the year. We were initially told that the resort was double booked & that our room could not be moved closer to our group for at least a day or so (we were later told that the information to be placed in the vicinity of the rest of our group was not relayed to the resort by Cheap Caribbean, which I will contact them about). My wife and I was initially taken to a room with double beds that was 5 buildings away from the rest of the group. We immediately returned to Guest Services since that was not the type of room booked/paid for (junior suite w/a king size bed). We were then moved to the correct type of room in the same building as the rest of our group (which was contrary of being told earlier we couldn't be moved for at least a day). Upon entering our new room, the phone did not work, the safe was broken, there was only one towel in the bathroom, & there was still another guest's clothes in one of the dresser drawers. This did not make for a good first or second impression for our friends at all & we just arrived. These things did not get fixed right away either, it took almost the entire 5 days stay and several interruptions by staff as they continued to try and correct the issues.

PHONE: The first staff only looked at the phone & left without fixing or replacing it, and said nothing to us about it. We had to call the front desk a second time now to have someone else come work on the phone. It was not replaced until night 2 of our stay.

SAFE: We were given a key to use for the safe, however when entered into the lock, the entire locking mechanism came out of the box. Therefore, they were not able to use the safe at all. They weren't told it was the type to use an electronic combination until the day before we had to leave. Being in a room on the ground floor especially warrants the use of a safe, however we did not have that amenity available to us and had to use the Harris family safe, which interrupted our daily itinerary as well.

TOWELS: We were provided additional towels on the second day, again only after having to request them multiple times.

At this point, the resort made no additional efforts to make us feel more comfortable or compensate us for their initial stress on this vacation, other than to leave a wrapped fruit plate & bottle of champagne in our room (both of which we already had access to via the all inclusive package paid for). However, when we opened the fruit wrapping, it smelled really rancid & inedible anyway.

We reported all of the above info to the Amstar rep (Patricia) on day 2 & she said she would provide all the info to the correct staff/management at the resort for follow up. However, by day 4, there was still no response. We finally took it upon ourselves to meet with a resort rep (Andre Hall) to file an official complaint (on day 4 of our stay). However, the outcome was the same..."let us look into it & we'll let you know." On our last night before leaving (first thing the next morning), we had to take the initiative to talk to a second rep (Michael Parker ) to follow up. Finally, the result was a credit of only $75 to compensate for one of two massages we had already purchased from being so stressed out. Overall, it seems as though the resort did not handle the entire situation as professionally or as customer service oriented as they should have. To only offer a displeasurable plate of fruit (from the buffet), bottle of champagne, & half our spa cost is unacceptable. The only thing the staff seemed concerned with the whole time was to make a list of all the items that were wrong & correct them without making any efforts to truly accommodate us as their guests... our friends.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
As far as the rooms - requests for certain bed types are by request only and not guaranteed. It depends on what rooms are available when you get to the resort. And that is the same thing with location - it is impossible for the resort to know what rooms are going to be available until you arrive. This is what the room type says on Cheap Caribbean when you book (as well as the hotels website) when you book. You can request but it is never guaranteed and I am sure it shows as a request only on your invoice.
1 king canopy bed or 2 full canopy beds

Did you not get a junior suite or did you just not get the king bed?

The rest were inconveniences and I would be annoyed as well. Cheap Caribbean should have linked all your bookings so the resort knew you were all traveling together. Did you by any chance ask them to move you to another room that had a working phone and safe? You need to take this up with Cheap Caribbean as they were your travel agents and they need to intercede on your behalf. I am not sure you will get much more though but they are the first line of defense. They are supposed to intercede when there are problems.

In the future - consider using a real travel agent who has experience with resorts and can advise you which ones have better service than others.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
"Cheap Carribbean" ... you booked on an online booking site advertising as 'cheap' and the issues you experienced sound about right. You don't say what level of hotel it was, but the problems were quite simple and should have easily been fixed. For example, if there aren't enough towels, you just go down to the desk and get the towels you need. Hotel safes are notoriously insecure and are rarely used by experienced travellers. Most hotels allocate their best accommodations to guests that book direct. There's a reason that 'cheap' booking sites are cheap ... lack of service to you the customer.