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Apr 23, 2020
Greetings... I live on LBI in New Jersey.. and there has been much done by way of pulling fiber and "looping" out on the utility poles herabouts... I live at
Long Beach Township, NJ 08008
The very end of the island.... and it's right on the pole in front of my house.. finished on the north end.

? when might we "COMCAST PRISONERS" be offered a alternative ?
? anyone know when FIOS will go live.. or any FIOS info for LBI

Apr 10, 2017
I will tell you about when I got Verizon Fios. Many years ago, pre-fios, I used an ancient technology called DSL (two tin cans and a string) to access the internet at a whopping 6 Mbps. Verizon and my county signed a franchise agreement and Verizon began to install fiber. I would call verizon and search online to see if I was eligible and the answer was always not yet. I, too, lived at the end of the line, lost in the woods. One day, I had a problem for which a tech visit was necessary. The tech asked me why I had DSL when fios was available. I said that I thought that it was not available but he said yes, probably just that my address had not been entered into the appropriate database. He said he would fix it. A week or so later, I had fios.

So, in summary, I would say try to get help from the local construction crew or a Verizon tech if you see one in the neighborhood. They can check stuff that the 800 number people can't see.