Got Dropped

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Michelle Bell

Staff Member
Apr 15, 2016
The crazy thing is that if you go online and submit your receipt for the rental car, while they will not reimburse you for the rental car, they might give you a credit in the amount of the car. I've managed to get them to do that - and had it be transferable. You never know. You just have to ask. Let them know that your family of five could not wait a full day to return home.

I'm with Joe, though, I would have asked for hotel and meal vouchers. :)
I think you and Joe both missed that he had to be back at work, which is why he made the decision he made. His need to be back at work and making that happen for himself does not preclude him from deserving compensation and reimbursement of the expenses he incurred trying to get where Spirit was supposed to take him.

I also think his suspicion about Spirit prioritizing people who paid more money for their tickets is well-founded. Seriously -- we all know this happens (or at least we should). Airlines prioritize their frequent fliers and people who pay more for their tickets over those who buy cheap fares and have no "status." Saying, "that's not how this works," simply isn't accurate.