Google Pixel XL Replacement

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Oct 31, 2017
Howdy y'all,

Was hoping I could get some suggestions for how to solve my issues with my Google Pixel XL and with Google's support.

Background: a little over a week ago, my Pixel XL (first gen) refused to charge. The port seemed to be shorted. I called Google and began the exchange process. When I asked the representative if I would receive a new phone to replace mine, he responded in the affirmative. I also asked him about the shipping date and whether I could expedite shipping to receive the phone sooner, which he—incorrectly—indicated I could.

As it turns out, not only was I sent a refurbished device, but Google didn't ship the phone until the day it was expected to arrive (they overnighted it, so it arrived a day late).

I called Google back to discuss the issue—namely, that they had repeatedly given me incorrect or conflicting information, in each case to my disadvantage—and received the following email follow-up:

Your Google Support Inquiry: Case ID [7-xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Hi Lucas,

Thanks for contacting Google Support about your RMA. For more information, please visit:

You can temporarily use the replacement device and ship us the original device, then call us back for to provide you a brand new replacement device.


The Google Support Team​

This was followed a few days later by this exchange, which came about after I received my refurbished Pixel XL and called to request a new replacement device):

Your Google Support Inquiry: Case ID [1-xxxxxxxxxxxxx]

Hi Lucas,

Thank you for contacting for contacting Google Support.

I've escalated your case to our product specialists, and we'll follow-up with you in the next 1-2 business days.

In the meantime, please reply to this email if you have information to add.


John Cedrick
The Google Support Team​

And then, a few hours later, by this email (presumably from a "product specialist"):

Hello Lucas,

Thank you for contacting Google.

My name is Khris and I'm part of the support team who handles your request.

I've escalated our request, and I'm regretful to inform you that a brand-new replacement isn't currently possible under your device's warranty.
We have a finite number of new devices manufactured, but rest assured, our replacement devices undergo a comprehensive process to ensure a high standard of quality before they are shipped.


The Google Support Team​

I responded with this request:


I'm afraid that is not an acceptable solution for me.

I have in writing from one of your support members that I would receive a new device. If that is not possible, the Pixel warranty states that, at Google's discretion, it may "accept the return of the Phone in exchange for a refund of the purchase price you paid for the Phone." That would be an acceptable solution to this issue. Please let me know what is required to pursue that solution.



To make matters even more frustrating, since sending those emails the refurbished device I was sent has begun to experience a technical problem of its own (unable to connect to WiFi networks). I have raised that issue with Google as well, but have received no response.

I'm sort of at my wit's end and would love any assistance or advice y'all can provide.


Feb 9, 2016
Honestly, I would start a new claim for the replacement device, and let them handle that separately. You can reference that this is a continuation of ticket xyz if you want.

Looks like your replacement device falls under your original warranty, so get it started asap.

You may also want to consider purchasing an extended warranty, if possible.
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Sep 24, 2017
How long have you had the phone? Are you replacing it under the original 90 day warranty or via insurance or extended warranty? Outside of the original 90 day warranty, I don't think you can expect a brand new device. I know with my insurance plan it does specify that I'll get a refurbished unit.
Jun 27, 2017
Dump Google and get an iPhone. I have been an iPhone users since the day it was released i.e. 10 years without a single problem. Great phone, even greater service.