Google Pay/Ticketmaster scam

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Mar 12, 2019
After our Elton John concert was canceled 20 minutes after it was supposed to start last November we learned that the concert had been rescheduled for March. I called what I thought was a Ticketmaster number. They said I had to open a Ticketmaster account to get the refund and repurchase the tickets by going and buying a Ticketmaster gift card worth the value of the tickets. They said to call when I was at the store to make sure I bought the correct card. Since there were no Ticketmaster cards, they told me they were partners with Google Pay and to buy that one. For various reasons, this led me to 4 hours of driving and purchasing more cards that ended up costing me over $3,000! I contacted Amex, Discover and my bank to no avail. I filed a police report, set up a claim report with Google Pay and filed an ic3 report as well. I cannot believe that Google Pat has no ability to track these cards to who used them. They have photos of all of the cards and receipts. They said they are well aware that these scams are going on, but I have yet to hear anything from them.
Paige Fleming
Likes: Ellenbgood
Feb 16, 2018
Paige, I am sorry you were scammed. The scammers are usually overseas and as soon as you send them the photos of the cards and the reciepts, the value of the card is spent. Although many of these companies are trying their best, it is impossible to track all gift cards. The cold hard truth is that Google Pay will not be able to reimburse you.
Likes: krisseye
Sep 19, 2015
You have been scammed -- no legitimate company asks one to buy gift cards in order to get a refund.

This is not the fault of ticketmaster or googlepay. These scammers put fake number on the internet and take advantage of people. As Dave 112 said, they are likely overseas and out of the reach of local jurisdiction. Likely the scammers resold the cards -- and it is very hard to track down.

One always needs to go to the official site to get a phone number -- such as and not rely on some random internet listing.