Gift Card Stuck in locked account.

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Nov 12, 2019
So I bought a 30$ amazon gift card at 7/11 and activated it to my account. I bought a 15$ item at a app and then I tried to buy another 15$ item but apparently Thanks to the unstable internet connection I had led me to lose connection on the middle of the purchase. So app said order failed and when I checked my account my gift card balance was 4$ (there was discount on the items) and when I looked to my orders, the second 15$ order was still pending and it wanted me to add more money to my balance (So amazon took money from my balance but purchasing failed and order failed to purchase). And whats worse is that amazon locked my account after that because of "suspicious actions" and its been 18 days since they last "contacted" me with a automated response.
What do I need to do to get my gift card balance back?
It doesn't let me contact support by texting because of my account being locked and I really don't wanna make a new account just to contact to support and get a automated response after 2 weeks.