Getting money back for checked baggage and losing walking stick

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Jan 19, 2016
I flew Frontier to Orlando (MCO) from Saint Louis Lambert on Jan. 7th returning on Jan. 11th for Disneyworld Marathon weekend, walking the 1/2 marathon for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for a cure for blood cancers. On the return flight home from Orlando on Jan. 11th, my husban and myself wer checking in on bag that had been paid for and we were informed by the ticket agent at the Frontier counter that Military do not pay for checked baggage. So now I would like to get the $50.00 back that is owed to me. But the phone numbers and email address that I was given by the ticket agent at the Frontier Counter are not going through. My husband is retired medically from the military. When we scheduled this trip, there was nothing on the online site for Frontier that stated that military can check there baggage free.

We also had an incident at the ticket countter with a walking stick that my husban purchases at Disney to bring home. We checked it in at the counter and it did not make it to our final distination. I had to go to the ticket counter and fill out a claim form and for 4 days I called every day to see if it made it back to Saint Louis. They said it could not be found and that they would cut a draft for the amount of the walking stick. I emailled a copy of the receipt and now the waiting begins. The people at the ticket counter at the Saint Louis Frontier counter have not been properly trained.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If you go to the top of our pages, we have a list of company contacts that actually work.

Go to the airline, find Frontier and write to their customer service address. Maje your letter short, sweet and to the point (it isn't necessary to write why you went to Disney or circumstance- simply start by saying "On Jan. 11 I was booked on Frontier Flight #xxxxxxx from MCO to xxxxxx. When we paid for our luggage, we were told xxxxxxx. Can you advise who I can contact to receive a refund of my luggage fees and if you need proof of us as military?"

In addition, we had to gate check a walking stick my husband purchased and it was lost. I have attached the receipt of purchase. Please let me know how I can be reimbursed".

Give Customer Service a week to reply. If they don't or you don't like the answer, write to the first executive listed. Wait a week, move on to next if necessary. Repeat weekly.

Let us know how you make out.
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Oct 2, 2014
@Angie The Frontier website doesn't list a discount for military members but I checked a couple of military / veterans websites for you. The luggage policy only applies to active duty members of the military and not retirees so it sounds like the folks in Orlando made the mistake not in St. Louis.
From one vet to another, thank your husband for his service.