Generali Travel Insurance. Cannot reach them by phone or email.

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Apr 16, 2021
I signed up with CSA travel insurance so far as I knew. Took out travel insurance on March 10, 2020 for trip. Trip cancelled due to Covid.
Insurance Policy xxxxxxx; I called, cancelled, spoke with a lady name of Chrystal at Generali travel, per the name on the policy details I received. I was issued voucher from Generali to use insurance on upcoming trip. # xxxxxxx $ 334.95 voucher value.

I put a deposit April 6, 2021 and purchased plane fare for a new trip to Utah, leaving Sept 30. 2021- Oct. 11. Trip cost will total apx.
$ 4900.00.
I attempted to contact Generali Insurance at various phone numbers April 13, 14, 15, 2021. Only a recording by phone to send an email. No ability to leave a message or speak to anyone.
The email was bounced back saying "Host not found". The email I was directed to send by the phone recording was:
[email protected].

* efforts so far are: tried to contact CSA , who was the original company I signed with in March of 2020. Same result- no phone help. Send email to same address to Generali travel at e mail above.
* Filed a complaint issue with NJ banking and insurance commission. Have a case number. No response so far.
* Spoke with customer service at: Insure My They sent an email to Generali on my behalf April 14, 2021. No response from Generali. (Insure My Trip is where I looked to purchase travel insurance. Chose CSA.)

Resolution I am looking for:
1: apply the voucher to upcoming trip.
2. To get the waiver for pre-existing conditions since my quest was started within the 10 day window to get the pre-existing waiver.
Total up coming trip cost $ 4900.00; destination Utah.