Frontier Communications Issue

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Jun 6, 2018
Letter sent to frontier describing problem:

My name is “doctored”. I reside at “doctored”. Let me start off by saying i am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the quality of Frontier and the Frontier Techs. I am also appalled by the laziness on the part of a frontier technician who decided to unplug my home from our assigned Fios port, and give it to my neighbor. On Friday June 1st my neighbor was having her internet connected and there were no more available ports, so her technician decided to unplug me from my assigned port and plug in my neighbor. This was confirmed by a tech that came to my home on Sunday June 3rd. The tech explained to me that there was a damaged port in the box and the port my neighbor was plugged into was assigned to us. My neighbors tech, rather than contacting construction to fix the port for her, decided it was a better idea to disconnect my home and give it to her. This type of laziness is absolutely unprofessional. My technician that was out on Sunday June 3rd put in a ticket with construction and informed me someone would be out within 24 hours. The reason for the expedited 24 hour timeframe is the condition the neighbors tech left the box in. Their are wires scattered throughout the alleyway behind our houses and the box is open with exposed wires hanging out. I should state that we have had really bad thunderstorms the past two days, and it would be really unfortunate if those wires were struck by lightning. I spoke with tech support yesterday June 5th to find out why my issue has not been resolved and they explained they had to contact construction and would give me a call back, i never received a call back, which brings me to today June 6th. I called once again to find out what was going on, as the only concrete information i have received since June 1st was that my internet was disconnected, in order to plug in my neighbor. Today i received at date the construction crew would come out, and it is not until June 11th. I will be without internet due to a Frontier Technician for 11 days. The frontier customer service supervisor i spoke with in technical support today said there was nothing they could do to accommodate me and transferred me to customer service to see what they could do. The customer service rep notated my account with the entire situation and said all they could do is credit my account this months payment of $40.00. My fiancé works from home and has been having to use her mobile hotspot for the pas 6 days, and will have to use it for 5 more. Im am terrified to open the cell phone bill next month. A $40.00 credit does not make up for all the data we have to use on our cell phones because of a FRONTIER Tech’s laziness. 40 dollars doesn’t make up for me not being able to use my doorbell or my thermostat as they both require internet. 40 dollars does not make up for the skype video chats with my 2 year old niece i will be missing because of the FRONTIER tech’s laziness. No one should ever have to do without because of a persons (who happens to work for Frontier) poor decision making skills. I want to reiterate that i am frustrated with your company and the individuals that work for your company, and i am genuinely disgusted and disappointed with the situation that has occurred. I expect much more from such a large company. From my point of view it feels as though you do not care about your customers, you care about what is convenient or easy for you. I look forward to hearing from someone regarding this situation, and i can be contacted any time. My email address is “doctored”, and my phone is in the online form submitted.
Jan 30, 2018
We tried to set up service with Frontier when we moved to our new home last fall. After a comedy of errors we cancelled the order and went with Spectrum. Not sure what is available in your area, but perhaps another provider would suit you better.
May 21, 2018
maybe you should sign up for a different company for your service .it sounds like the company you are using, does not care about the incnvience they have caused you .they seem like they are in no hurry to correct your problem caused by one of their employees they should have put u back to your assigned facilities and made your neighbor wait until they found working facilities for your neighbor. good luck


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Unfortunately, you are in the right, but your letter will pretty much guarantee that Frontier does nothing for you. When you write a letter of complaint, it's important to remember that the person reading it did not cause your problem. That person can just discard your letter. It's a good idea to get it all out of your system but instead of sending it, you re-write it. I'm glad you had access to a hot spot so your fiancee can work. If you want to "try again" with a polite, concise letter of complaint, you can use our Company Contacts. Post your letter here if you like and we'll offer guidance.