Fraudulent claim on me from Hertz

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Apr 16, 2018
I rented an economy car through Hertz beginning on Friday Jan. 12th 2018 at the LAX location. I took the car immediately to my sister's house where I stayed for my trip. Her property is where the car stayed until I headed back to LA area to fly home. I had no incident with the car, nor was I in a parking situation that someone else could have damaged the car. I returned the car on the morning of Tuesday Jan. 16. The return was made without any incident. All seemed good. About a week or two later, I got a call from Hertz claiming I cracked the fender or the bumper (can't remember which they said). I told them that was impossible. That nothing happened while I had the car and I returned it without any incident. They basically said "ok" and let me go. I thought it was a mistake. Then on April 10 (nearly 3 months from the time I rented the car,) I got a call from Viking Billing Service. Hertz had turned me over to them to collect on the claim. There are a few weird things about this claim that I notice: first, if I had been truly responsible for this damage, why did it take so long to let me know about it? Second, the image on the report shows a decent sized, vertical crack on the bottom part of the fender. Around this crack is dried mud. While I had this car, it was a very dry time in California. Where did this mud come from? The crack looks like it has to have been the fault of the driver, not by someone else hitting the car. I know while I drove the rental, I had no incidents that could have caused this damage.
What can I do to protect myself from having to pay a fraudulent claim?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You could have taken pictures when you picked up the car and dropped it off. Then you would have had proof.

This is a common problem and if you read the many many complaints we have on this same thing, Viking is named in many of them.

We have a link on how to fight these charges - follow it to a T- and your first step is to stop communicating with the local office and Viking and use our company contacts and start writing to Hertz Corporate. Make sure you mention the car was checked in when you returned with no damage and that you didn't drive anywhere there was mud so it is not possible those pictures were taken when you returned the car - they have the wrong customer. Let us know how you make out after following the info below.