Followed the recommended steps, still sent to Collections!

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Jan 17, 2018
Sent the final executive (and everyone else again too) an updated request for information....same requested details as before, but also let them know I have now contacts in the both the offices of the Attorney General and the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor in both the state I rented and where I returned. By the way, all 4 offices are quite interested in how this plays out, and I do have their support. They have MY proof (photos, etc) and are ready to assist as this isn't the first time this particular scam has crossed their desks.

Got a phone call almost immediately after the FIFTH email was sent. Was told that they've been emailing me back for months and perhaps they had the wrong email, which is interesting on multiple levels: there were no received emails in my inbox nor in spam, and they would be replying directly to an email I SENT so I'm unsure of how that works :rolleyes: and also, if you've had my phone number all this time, why no call until now?

I have left a message and plan to call back again later as well. This is insanity. I can see why this scam persists: people get aggravated and discouraged in the fight and just pay it to have it over with.
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Jan 17, 2018
Received an email:

See below I have attempted to contact you twice prior. I hope this email gets to you directly so you are informed that this claim has been closed for some time already.

I have had this claim removed from any collections efforts. The reasons for delays in this claim was because of your use of the ### University account which includes their insurance. We were informed you are not an employee of the University and are not eligible to rent using their account. If any of this is false please let me know so I can further investigate. The rest of your claims may be true and valid and could have been handled/investigated shortly after return if ## was not used to cover the vehicles. If you need something else please feel free to contact me directly. Mike

Well, I WAS an employee when I rented the car 9 weeks before they started this mess! Hello, I moved for another job! Looks like they keep an eye out for reservations like mine and go after the school or businesses because they assume they can get money out of them easier.

My response:
At no time have I received any email from you in my inbox or spam!

If this claim was closed on January 19th, why am I still being hounded by collections? Thank you for your call, I appreciate it, but I need ALL contact in writing, please.

Please let me know how you will deal with the collections agency. I need this communicated to them before they report it to the credit bureaus. Once I am completely satisfied that this matter has been closed by both ERAC and First Financial Asset MGMT, Inc. I will inform the Attorney General of NJ and Colorado and the Insurance Fraud Prosecutors of NJ and Colorado that the case is closed.

I look forward to your response. Thank you.

Bonkers. And I have to move again in a couple of months. SO not looking forward to renting after this experience. I'll check in when/if I am satisfied with the outcome :)

Thanks for all your help.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I was ready to dive into it, but once I saw that the matter is closed on their end, I decided I'd had enough stress and held my tongue!

Now I have to call the collections people and make SURE my file is closed...
I just would not want them to come back to you later saying “oops we made a mistake - the insurance wasn’t valid because you are no longer an employee”.
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