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Jul 27, 2016
Aug 23 from D/FW to LAX (with layover in Austin, Tx)(Flt #2294 & #1459) --- Aug 24 from LAX to OGG (Flt #253) --- Aug 27 from OGG to HNL (Flt #7892) --- Aug 30 from HNL to SFO (with layover in Phoenix) (Flt #693 & #1880) --- Sept 1 from SFO to D/FW (#1198). According to the AA Rep yesterday, there are still seats available on this flight. I - for some unknown reason - just can't book it myself this time. If you try a mock booking, will you please let me know the cost, please. (I really didn't think I could add this person to an existing booking, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.) Thank you for your time and effort.
There are some really strange routings in there. DFW-LAX via AUS, for one. HNL-SFO via PHX is a bit unusual, but not materially longer than via LAX. Both those connections are really tight, though, and if you miss that AUS-LAX flight, you're looking at a decent wait in AUS. If you take a nonstop DFW-LAX, you leave about 20 mins later, and arrive 1.5 hrs earlier.

Anyway, I put it into ITA Matrix, and it'll pull up those flights, although ITA isn't a booking engine. Bookwithmatrix.com usually works well for that (actually routes the booking to an OTA or the airline for ticketing), and if I choose AA as the booking option there, it takes me to a page showing all the trip info and asking for my passenger details. $919.57.

Fare for 1 adult
Fare 1: Carrier AA GVAHZNM1 DFW to LAX (rules)
Passenger type ADT, one-way fare, booking code G
Covers DFW-AUS (Economy), AUS-LAX (Economy)​
Fare 2: Carrier AA O0AKZNNL LAX to OGG (rules)
Passenger type ADT, one-way fare, booking code O
Covers LAX-OGG (Economy)​
Fare 3: Carrier AA O0AKVNNL OGG to SFO (rules)
Passenger type ADT, one-way fare, booking code O
Covers OGG-HNL (Economy), HNL-PHX (Economy), PHX-SFO (Economy)​
Fare 4: Carrier AA SVAKZNN1 SFO to DFW (rules)
Passenger type ADT, one-way fare, booking code S
Covers SFO-DFW (Economy)​
US Transportation Tax (US)
US September 11th Security Fee (AY)
US Passenger Facility Charge (XF)
US Flight Segment Tax (ZP)
Subtotal per passenger
Number of passengers
Subtotal For 1 adult

  • This ticket is non-refundable.
  • Changes to this ticket will incur a penalty fee.

Fare Construction (can be useful to travel agents)
DFW AA X/AUS AA LAX 133.95GVAHZNM1 AA OGG 249.93O0AKZNNL AA HNL AA X/PHX Q50.00 AA SFO 179.93O0AKVNNL AA DFW 134.88SVAKZNN1 1S74.42 USD 823.11 END ZP DFW AUS LAX OGG HNL PHX SFO XT 38.56US 28.70ZP 11.20AY 18.00XF DFW4.50 AUS4.50 PHX4.50 SFO4.50

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Los Angeles (LAX) — Thu, Aug 23

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Austin (AUS) — Thu, Aug 23
American 2294
Dep: 7:15 am
Arr: 8:16 am
1h 1m
Boeing 737
Economy (G)
Layover in AUS
0h 39m

Austin (AUS) to Los Angeles (LAX) — Thu, Aug 23
American 1459
Dep: 8:55 am
Arr: 10:24 am
3h 29m
Boeing 737
Economy (G)
Food and Beverages for PurchaseIn-seat Video Player

Los Angeles (LAX) to Kahului (OGG) — Fri, Aug 24
American 253
Dep: 8:25 am
Arr: 11:13 am
5h 48m
Airbus A321 (Sharklets)
Economy (O)
Food and Beverages for Purchase

Kahului (OGG) to Honolulu (HNL) — Mon, Aug 27
American 7892
Dep: 10:15 am
Arr: 10:56 am
0h 41m
Boeing 717
Economy (O)
Honolulu (HNL) to San Francisco (SFO) — Thu, Aug 30
Overnight flight

Honolulu (HNL) to Phoenix (PHX) — Thu, Aug 30
American 693
Dep: 10:03 pm
Arr: 6:59 am
5h 56m
Boeing 757
Economy (O)
Food and Beverages for Purchase
Layover in PHX
Fri, Aug 31
0h 41m

Phoenix (PHX) to San Francisco (SFO) — Fri, Aug 31
American 1880
Dep: 7:40 am
Arr: 9:46 am
2h 6m
Airbus A321
Economy (O)

San Francisco (SFO) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) — Sat, Sep 1
American 1198
Dep: 6:07 am
Arr: 11:43 am
3h 36m
Airbus A321 (Sharklets)
Economy (S)
Food and Beverages for PurchaseIn-seat Video Player
Jul 27, 2016
If I flew clients on that itinerary they would fire me. The hassle of getting on and off, going through security more times that you need to, sitting for hours waiting for connecting flights is a huge hassle. Remember, the flight time you are seeing takes into account the 5 hour time difference between Hawaii so a direct from from DFW to OGG is less than 7 hours. You are adding much more time to that by booking indirect. Most people would prefer to sit for 7 hours on a plane than spend two days in an airport - but that is what our clients want.
Given the intentional stopovers, the trips aren't inordinately long, but there are two really tight connections in there. If they miss the AUS-LAX flight (40 minute connection in AUS), they'll be sitting in AUS until at least 1:45PM, and that's assuming that, with a group that large, they can all be reaccommodated. If they miss the PHX-SFO flight (again, 40 minute connection), it's about a three hour wait.
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Jun 27, 2017
I sincerely hope you have a group of young and nimble clients.

I just looked at some of your connection time between flights ... you have a 39-minute layover in Austin between the DFW to AUS; AUS to LAX. OK, we've been in the Austin airport. It's nicely laid out and a smaller airport. However - it takes a good 10-15 minutes to grab your onboard stuff; get off the plane; go down the jetway; figure out where your next flight is; and race to your next flight, which will already be boarding and doors close 10 minutes before the flight. Moreover - this flrst flight departs at 7:15AM, which means you must be at the DFW by 5:15AM if you are checking luggage; if not and you have boarding passes, then 5:45AM, as security lines are long, even with Pre-Check.

Same goes for your return flight from HNL. You are flying from HNL-PHX and have a 41-minute layover. I was just in both of these airports 2 days ago and that is a VERY TIGHT connection. Both flights will be at Terminal 4, but the gates may be far apart. This is a BIG terminal. This is also an overnight flight from HNL. Being able to sleep sitting up is iffy at best. And again, I would strongly suggest you get to HNL by 8:00PM, 2 hours before your flight. You not only must clear TSA (and the lines are long because HNL is a true international airport), but your luggage also must be cleared by USDA Agriculture.

Good Luck! And tell your clients to pack light and keep their running shoes on.
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Jun 27, 2017
There are several non-stop flights on AA on Aug. 23rd from DFW-LAX with prices starting at $70 for a one-way ticket. The flights you selected #2294 & #1459 cost $121. And the flying time for the Non-Stop is 3 hours/15 minutes versus 5 hours/9 minutes for the 2-flight choice. And you have to add the 2 hours you need to be IN the airport prior to departure, plus the time it takes you to get to DFW and the time you will spend in LAX getting luggage and a ride to your hotel. The way flying is these days (tense and uncomfortable), the non-stops might have been a better choice, even if they cost more. And we hope you didn't select BASIC economy.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I also wish you good luck because if 9 of you miss those connections- you most likely are not all going to be put on the same flight if you have to be rebooked. There are not many flights with 9 empty seats. And you don’t have just one close connection- you have 2. If you are not at the gate by the time printed on your boarding passes- which will be a half hour before the flight is to leave- they can give your seats away to stand by passengers.

It’s actualky good you added in that extra night just in case.

If your seats are not in the front of the plane- you have to wait until the rest of the plane empties to get off and start your run to the next flight. If your flight gets out of Dallas late and you aren’t seated in the front- you really could have a problem.

You should never book less than 2 hours in between connecting flights. I would honestly pay and change those connections.

You would be doing whoever hasn’t gotten their ticket a huge favor by booking her on other flights. Too much stress with those short connections. Book the direct flights to OGG from DFW. You can meet her at the hotel.

Make sure you all pack some extra clothes in your carry one in case your luggage doesn’t make it too.

Please let us know how these flights work out when you get back. We’ll be crossing our fingers for all of you.
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