Flew AirAsia, need help claiming laptop stuck in lost property at DEL

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Jan 22, 2018
I traveled to India for work last month and flew on a domestic flight with Air Asia from New Delhi to Goa on 17/12/17 and accidentally left my work-issued laptop in security, after getting held up with a recheck of my ipad, I wasn't handed the laptop back and didn't realize because I had been waiting 5-10 minutes and was waiting for the Ipad at that point.

  1. I didn't realize I didn't have the laptop until after I landed in Goa on 18/12/17. Called DEL Lost and found, confirmed they had the laptop by giving them the the serial number, told them I'd pick it up on 19/12/17 when flying back through Delhi to Toronto.
  2. On 19/12/17 I flew back from Goa to Delhi with just 2 hours to transfer between terminals and find the lost property room to get laptop back before catching flight home. Found Lost property with literally minutes to spare. The guy there pulled out my laptop and then wouldn't let me have it because I didn't have a paper copy of my boarding pass from 2 days prior when I flew Delhi to Goa. I asked if they could confirm it with Air Asia, or on their system somehow, no. I provided a receipt from inside security at the Delhi airport that day, no good. I had to run to catch my flight and felt like there was nothing else i could do in that 5 minutes I had. The guy in lost property told me the would ship it to me, once we confirmed I flew on the 17th.
  3. Back at home in the US and DEL is singing a different tune. After retrieving a copy of my boarding pass from AirAsia (which took 5 days over Christmas holiday) and contacting the DEL airport, They told me I must go through Air Asia to first claim it for me on my behalf, before anything else. My plan is to then authorize my Indian colleague based in Delhi to pick up the laptop, but I am far from getting to that point.
  • On Jan. 2 I called Air Asia, told them the situation, and was told to submit a form online. I did that, heard nothing back besides the auto response.
  • On the 10th of January I called again and was told to submit an email form. I told the rep I already had, and so he said he would make a note on his end and I should submit a form again. I did so.
  • On the 21st of January I still hadn't heard anything so called AirAsia again to ask on the status of my form and being placed on hold, was told my case was "under investigation" and it would take another 48 hours. I asked if this means I would hear something in 24 hours, or what, and told to call back or submit another form after 48 hours, if I don't hear anything.
  • Today is Jan. 22 and I am getting close to my wit's end because this has been over a month and I need to tell my employer. I've told my supervisor, who thinks it's a lost cause, but I still have hope because I saw and touched the laptop in the lost property room. I do know after 90 days it is the airport's property.

Please advise and thank you kindly in advance! -MGH
Jan 6, 2015
You can use the Company Contacts link at the top of this page to present your request(s). Be sure to read and follow the instructions at the top of the initial Company Contacts page.

At this point I suggest you start with the first executive due to the time that has passed ...
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