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Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Welcome to the forums :)

The purpose of this forum is to provide assistance to posters on how to best resolve their consumer issues.

Please post in the appropriate forum and we'll respond as soon as possible.

If you can't find an appropriate forum, post in the "Other" forum.

To post, please go to the Forums "Help desk" page. Once there, choose and click the forum or subforum to which you wish to post.

On the page that opens, click "Post Thread" button

You'll be taken to a page where you can enter what you wish to say, then click the "Post Thread" button. That's all there is to it.

One last thing... our forums are public, so for your protection, please do not post personal information.

Here is our code of conduct:
  1. maintains a number of features on its site, including a comments section in our blog and forums where readers, consumers, and other members of the public are welcome to ask questions, request and offer assistance to other readers and consumers.
  2. Much of our consumer advocacy work and the opinions we voice through our published features are of a controversial nature, and thus we maintain the following code of conduct in order to facilitate these interactions with each other and with other readers of our site:
  3. Information that appears on any part of our site, newsletter, articles or stories in process, including articles, polls, forum posts, blog comments, and editorial comments, is published solely for the purpose of providing help to consumers. While we do encourage debate about issues involving consumer advocacy, we are not a debating society; nor are we in existence to defend businesses or their practices.
  4. Our forums and blog comments section are the voice of our readers; the comments on articles in progress are the voice of our writers and editors. We strive to create an open, engaging and friendly environment. We advocate for consumers and want them to feel comfortable sharing their concerns with us without fear of being attacked. Commenting on this site is a privilege, not a right.
  5. Moderators and managers have authority over the site and articles in process. They reserve the right to take any action they deem appropriate to ensure that the forums, blog comments, and editorial processes are not disrupted or abused. They will endeavor to deal with problem posts and member concerns as promptly as possible, but they may need to confer to determine the appropriate course of action regarding a breach of forum rules, so responses will be as timely as possible but may not be immediate.
  6. Any violation of the rules set forth on this page may result in the post or comment being edited and the poster, commenter or member sent a warning via private message for the first offense. If such behavior continues despite this warning, the poster, commenter or member will be permanently removed from the community. We will make every effort to notify a poster in writing when they are removed, but we reserve the right to ban a commenter without notice.
  7. Locked forum threads and blog comment sections are considered closed topics, and thus should not be referenced or re-opened in another forum thread or blog comment. Also, discussion of moderator actions should not occur in the forums or blog comment sections. Please contact the moderation team or managers via the private message system if you have questions or concerns.
  8. We request that forum posters, blog commenters, and editors refrain from typing in all caps, all italics, or all boldface. Doing so is the online equivalent of shouting. Except in member-only forums, forum post should be limited to helping the poster with resolving their consumer issue.
  9. Participants should read previous responses in a thread before posting their own suggestions, in order to minimize duplication of answers already given.
  10. Rather than cutting and pasting text, use URLs (links) wherever possible.
  11. Except for the original poster, refrain from posting (bumping) older forum threads.
  12. All posts to someone's request for help should be on-topic, helpful and as tactful as possible. If you are unable to do so, please do not respond to the thread.
The following actions are deemed violations of this code of conduct and may result in actions by managers or moderators of against persons who engage in them, including reprimands from managers and moderators, restrictions on access, and temporary or permanent bans from access to’s articles in process, comments, and forums. All reports or concerns regarding violations of this code of conduct should be made to the Forum Directors.

  1. Advertising or commercial solicitation.
  2. Posting personal information about posters or commenters.
  3. Snark, profanity, name-calling, baiting, or denigrating of managers, moderators, writers, editors or other posters or commenters, including disrespectful responses to posts from managers or moderators requesting that posters and commenters adhere to this code of conduct.
  4. Baiting of other groups (<em>e.g.</em>, race, sex, age, religion, culture, nationality, disability -- note: this is not an exhaustive list).
  5. Illegal copying of copyrighted material. Linking to copyrighted material is allowed.
  6. Hyperlinking to external websites or other forum threads or blog comments especially for the purpose of embarrassing, humiliating or discrediting another writer, editor, poster or commenter. Moderators reserve the right to remove any hyperlink.
  7. Attempting to preempt anticipated responses by requesting that subsequent posters or commenters limit their responses in any way. Only managers and moderators of may direct or limit comments or responses.
  8. Responding to any forum posters, blog commenters or editors that they “weren’t asked for their help/opinions.” It is implied that by posting on the forum, commenting on the blog, or commenting in an editorial capacity on an article in progress that you are soliciting the opinions of all other posters, commenters or editors, provided their posts and comments do not violate any other provision of this code of conduct or editorial procedures.
  9. Posting any content, whether an attachment, avatar, signature, text, or other memes, that violates this code of conduct.
  10. Posting under alternate or more than one account (sock puppet accounts).
  11. Cutting and pasting long sections of regulations, airline policies, etc. Just the relevant 1-2 lines and a link to the document will be just as effective if the reader is keenly interested in exploring it further.
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