FedEx routinely denies Claims for Damage

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Mar 19, 2018
FedEx routinely employs many seasonal workers from October to January. This seems to coincide with excessive damage to expensive and heavy items that we ship.

This year it is a Rotel amplifier. Weight was about 75 lbs. It was properly packed. But, that didn't stop FedEx from:
(1) Crushing the box in a manner that indicates that it was dropped from a considerable distance
(2) Damaging the amplifier - including causing internal circuit boards to be bend from the compression of the fall
(3) At first denying the claim (letter of January 11, 2018) with the following excuse: "We inspected the shipment and found that there was no visible damage to the contents". So, we sent them plenty of photos of the box and its contents. Recognizing that their initial denial of claim excuse could not hold water, , the liars at FedEx changed their tune to ...
(4) Denying the claim (letter of March 13, 2018) with a new excuse: "we have determined that it was not adequately prepared or packed for safe transportation".

The FedEx case number is 12xxxxxxxx.

I am particularly interested in ascertaining if any astute law firm has become aware of this unethical practice by FedEx. The practice reminds me of the Grisham novel - The Rainmaker.
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Jan 6, 2015
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