Faredepot.com scam???

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Jun 24, 2016
I made a purchase at faredepot.com for a airline ticket the price of the ticket was $611.89. A few days later I check my statement and there was a charge of $614 I called and they refunded the $2 but they charged my card with a agent fee which was $54. That is ridiculous for a $2 refund. Then I check my statement again and there is a refund for the total price of the ticket. I called and told me the ticket was cancelled and that it was refunded. I checked my credit card statement again and there is another charge of $564 for that same ticket. I called and was never given a straight answer. Also I never received any information from faredepot.com that my ticket was cancelled or I was going to be charged a new amount for the ticket. I want a refund for the total price of the ticket which is $564. Is there any help someone could give me to fight is and get my money back.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Well, Jonathan, it's an OTA, an online travel agency. They deal only in volume, there is no customer service, and they essentially just "process orders"; if there's a problem they're not much help. To add insult, they apparently charge for telephone conversations. Why did you call them over a $2 error? That obviously has started a cascade of foolishness and now you don't even know if you have a ticket or not. I don't ask this to be critical of you, but to lay out the situation for other readers.

I would say that your first priority is determining if you have a valid reservation and ticket. If it looks like you do, double-check with the airline to verify that. Then you can decide if you want to cancel ... I assume it is/was a refundable ticket? Please come back to us with the answers.
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Aug 28, 2015
New York
oh boy....There is almost no unraveling this bc it doesn't seem to correspond to any rational explanation. @jsn55 perfectly described, a cascade of errors. The best course is to get out of this whole thing and rebook your travel with the airline. Usually we don't advise folks file a credit card dispute right away, but I agree with @Neil

If you receive pushback on nonrefundable travel, be VERY clear that you did not cancel and they cancelled on YOU.