Fair compensation?

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Apr 12, 2018
We were booked on a roundtrip Bergen Norway coastal cruise with Hurtigruten. Our scheduled sailing date was March 11, disembarking on March 22. (We ended up boarding the ship on the evening of March 13 in Batsford and leaving it on March 21 in Tromso.) Approximately 2 weeks prior to the sailing date, just after we had received our cruise documents, and only one week prior to our departure, Hurtigruten cancelled our sailing. We were informed by email from our travel agent. We were offered 25% off of a future cruise as compensation. We had paid roughly $5K for the cruise and an additional $11K for accompanying land travel and flights. The cruise was sandwiched between land travel arrangements. Obviously their offer was not acceptable. We would have been left with a 12 day "hole" in our planned trip.

After involvement of our agent, Hurtigruten came up with alternate arrangements which allowed us to experience almost all of the cruise, but also involved extra hotels and flights for which they paid. Prior to departure, we asked about some of the costs we would be incurring in addition to those covered by the company, i.e. taxi fares and meals. We were told to keep receipts.
Upon return, we forwarded our receipts for reimbursement of costs and a request for refund of lost cruise days.

We submitted our request for roughly $1000 in reimbursement. Approximately $850 for 2 less days on the ship and another $150 for taxi transfers and meals during these 2 days that we should have been on the ship, but were not.

Hurtigruten came back with an offer of $400. We responded with our rebuttal and requested further consideration. It has been about a week and we have not heard back from them yet. Our travel agent has also contacted them, with no result or response.

Our request was sent via email and USPS to Customer Service. We have a contact name with the person who corresponded with us on the alternate arrangements and she is the one who responded to our email. We have no other names for contact within the company.

Our agent thinks we have a valid request, but apparently Hurtigruten doesn't agree. Their position is basically, since they covered all the costs to get us on the cruise (which involved additional flights and hotel rooms and an upgraded cabin), we are not entitled to more. Our position is we lost days on the ship that we paid for, we incurred costs that were not anticipated due to the itinerary change, and none of this was our fault.

Should we accept Hurtigruten's initial offer and forget it, or should we continue to press for more?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I would take what they offered. They paid extra for flights and hotels for the new trip they made, correct? If so that’s in lieu of the two days you missed. Those extra costs are most likely more than the two days on the ship- so consider that a wash.

Do you have cab fares over and above what it would have cost you to get to the hotel from the airport and the airport to the ship? If so, submit those and any meal expenses and ask for those to be covered.

If you get too greedy you risk them pulling their offer.
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Agree with Neil. I am so glad you were able to do your trip and I think Hurtigruten did a fairly good job helping you. Very happy you used a travel agent ... imagine picking up all those pieces by yourself and trying to put a trip together. "Your trip" is on my travel plan list for sure.