EZ Car rental damage claim

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Dec 12, 2018
Update, I think Erie got tired of me and they escalated this claim to resolution. They paid Thrifty for diminution of value and Thrify waived the loss of use and admin fees. While Erie initially said they had no standing to advocate for me on these three fees after paying for the rental vehicle repair under my uninsured motorist coverage, in the end they said that the claim was covered and they had responsiblity under my auto policy to work out the actual damages directly with Thrifty. I never did hear from corporate and hope that I have not already been blacklisted.

Last week I rented another car but this time I used a credit card which has primary coverage. I am honestly not sure if that is a good or bad idea.
Hi, Rdwo

I am very happy to know that you got claim issue resolved finally.

I have a similar claim issue. I rented a car from EZ Car Rental in Seattle, Washington. I hit a rail in a parking lot, resulted in some scratches on one side of door. PurCo Fleet who represents EZ issued physical damage charge more than $3000, plus near $4000 for Diminution Values, Loss of Use and Admin Fee.

I have Erie Insurance in Ohio. However, an adjuster from Erie said Erie policy only pays physical damage, and asked us to deal with PurCo for other fees. The case is still in process. I have been with Erie for 17 years with two cars and house.

You post "They escalated this claim to resolution....in The end they said that the claim was covered." Could you please let me know how you make Erie change mind? What was your approach? Could you share with me your experience to deal with Erie?

This claim is painful and is ruining my Christmas. Any suggestions, advice and approaches you deal with Erie will be greatly appreciated.


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Gina you have to try to negotiate these fees down. If you go through the car rental forums there are multiple threads about people who have had these fees added and how they have gotten them reduced or totally wiped out.
Oct 24, 2018
Gina, I had to work my way up the management chain at Erie and also asked my agent to advocate on my behalf. Perhaps they just got tired of hearing from me? As a reminder, the amount at issue in my case was only less than yours, and I think they may have realized it was cheaper to just settle it than to keep spending their time hearing from me.
Dec 12, 2018
Rdwo, thank you for this useful info. I will try to adopt your approach and see what comes of on my case. You are definitely right, the amount of your payment is much less than mine. When I talked to my agent at Erie, he called regional manager of Erie insurance and mentioned your case, but she told my agent unless you have the name or claim number that she could verify Erie did pay for diminished value, otherwise she refused to consider mine, that means she did not believe that Erie paid such fee. If you do not mind to share your info, here is my email address xxxxxxxxxx. At least I feel confident there is hope for me as well.

Neil, you are right, I will definitely negotiate the fees down, but at this point, I want to fight against those changes and see what will be the result. Thank you!

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Dec 12, 2018
Sorry for the late update.

I first negotiated with my insurance company Erie. Eventually, They paid the Loss of Use fee. Later, I sent an email to E-Z Customer Service asked to stop PurCo's demand. The manager of E-Z Customer Service was very nice and escalated my request to Claim Department immediately. A couple of days later, I got an email from PurCo said my case was closed. Just a day before the email, I got a Final Notice letter from PurCo in which they declared to take some serious actions against me if I don't pay the fees in 15 days.

Now it is over, I am released. I really appreciate all helps from the Forums. And, especially thanks to Neil and rdwo.