Expedia reimbursement trouble

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Mar 4, 2019
I booked travel with Expedia in June 2018 for December 2018. It was meant for my 7 yo daughter and myself to fly Ottawa-Toronto-Vegas and return Vegas-Chicago-Ottawa. The night before my flight I went to check us in and noticed my daughter was put as an adult and her last name was mine which is not on her birth certificate or passport. I called Expedia and spent 7 hours between them and air canada and united trying to change the name and they would refuse and blame it on the other airlines which both agreed it wad OK and I even had them speak through my phones but still would not do it. I went to the airport and had it fixed by each airline at 4am only to have Expedia go back in and change my daughters ticket to fly alone to Washington then return from Vegas with me. I in the end used an emergency ticket that I purchased directly from air canada for 1570cad because Expedia refused to put her back on her original flights and blamed air canada when the new flight was with united. I have been dealing with them since my return early January and they refuse to reimburse me for the ticket they changed and could not use for my daughter and clearly she was not flying to Washington alone and I never had requested a change in flights
Jan 6, 2015
You can/should appeal to Expedia (in writing) using their Company Contacts (top of this page). If/when you do, I suggest:
  • Do not include the 7 hours. While relevant to you, it's not to the issue at hand.
  • The 4AM event is the logical starting point.
  • Did you mean they changed her tix to fly Washington-Vegas- Chicago-Ottawa? If so, make that clear.
  • Explain that they are blaming Air Canada when the return flight was on United.
As stated by you, it seems clear that the airlines fixed the issue at the airport and then Expedia messed it up. If so, you should easily prevail . . .