Europcar - total lack of customer service

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Hi there
I rented a car from Europcar France at Geneva Airport for two months this year and paid the amount of 2340.75 euros in full. This included an amount of 915 euros for an upgrade of the vehicle for 61 days. A couple of weeks later i received an invoice for €387.50 for 31 days upgrade. I contested this and they handed it over to a debt collector. i then explained to the debt collector that the amount was unjustified and despite this they pursued me. Despite repeated emails (and phone calls) to them and the Europcar agency, as well as to the head of customer services for France on your site, Estelle Bentley as well as Jan Longing, responsible for the "customer journey" the only response i have had has been yet another letter from the Recocash legal department. I will obviously pay anything i owe but nobody has bothered to provide me with a justification for this amount or even respond to my mails. I have a very complete mail trail and all the documentation.

I am more than prepared to pay anything i owe but there has to be some justification and therefore not simply to be ignored.
I would like an explanation of how i can possibly owe €387.50 for 31 days upgrade when this is clearly part of the amount that i have paid them.

The elements included in what i paid are clearly listed on the contract.
What to do? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
There have been long gaps between the letters to Europcar and, and then a couple of week's gap between various Recocash emails and my responses and I eventually wrote to the two mentioned above last week after pretty much being told to get lost on the phone by the director of the French/Geneva airport agency. The only remaining one on our site is the CEO - are you suggesting that I escalate the matter to him?