Enterprise trying to charge for damages to a rental that I did not do

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Apr 8, 2019
I rented a vehicle from Syracuse Airport – rental agreement # 5xxxxx – the car I had rented originally was now too big and I did not want to take it in case someone else was in need of a large SUV. I stated I still wanted an SUV and the car had to have satellite radio. The team gave me a Nissan Pathfinder from National. Satellite usually takes 10-15 minutes to work and after ½ hour it was still not working. I called the Syracuse office and left a message – then called customer service to have them hit the radio – and still nothing. I called back to the main customer service and said that I did not want the vehicle – the satellite did not work and my pandora did not work thru the radio. (which I would have just dealt with that) – at this point I was irritated and wanted to swap the vehicle out-

I was headed to Watertown NY and they happened to have an office there and assured me I could swap the vehicle out for a premium SUV-
This point I am getting more irritated/hungrier and wanted to get to my hotel to eat/and prepare for a meeting the next day-
I went into the office and had to wait- the team there was super friendly and one of the team members happened to live in Shelton CT- I knew her parents-friends family which made my visit there now not so irritating! I needed a breath of fresh air to bring me down to reality from being a brat over a radio-
I explained my situation and the team said they did not have a premium SUV but had a Ford Edge – at this point I said as long as it had satellite and my phone could connect, I did not care-
We went over to the vehicle – got inside made sure it had satellite and my pandora could work and it did. Problem was the vehicle has 37,800 miles on it and it was from Canada and she said she really should not rent this type of vehicle - I said I don’t care if they were ok with it. She said perfect- just swap the luggage from my car into this one- that is what we did and went inside. AT NO TIME WAS A WALK AROUND COMPLETED as we were chatting and I completely forgot –

She changed out old rental to new rental number KCxxxxx- they told me the satellite would work after 15 minutes I said perfect – and actually stayed an extra 15 minutes just talking to all your team members- super friendly-
Went to my hotel in Watertown NY – then drove to Schenectady NY for another meeting then eventually headed home to CT Friday afternoon. WITH NO SATELLITE- DID NOT WORK- BUT PANDORA DID AT AT THIS POINT I DID NOT CARE – I wanted to get home
Friday evening, my husband and I returned the car to Shelton CT and your team member went outside to do a walk around and came inside and said there was damage to the plastic bumper guard that attaches to the bumper- I said I did not do that. I was crying and upset- I called Watertown NY and told them what was going on- crying they assured me they would take care of it and get back to me.
I have been calling like crazy because I did not damage your vehicle. I asked to have video footage of the vehicle being returned before me and you will see there is damage- or footage of me leaving you will see there is damage before me. I now have a claim 141xxxxx.

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