Enterprise Rental Damage Claim - Unfair Charges

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Apr 9, 2018
Hi Team/All,

Need your suggestions/help with regard to rental car damage claim.

I rented a car in the first week of February 2018 in Atlanta for 2 days. The rental company noticed scratch (scrape) on the driver side while returning the car.

I had taken all the insurance from Enterprise except CDW. I declined CDW as my Credit card was covering this.

I got a bill from Enterprise Damage recovery after a month with the Total due amount of close to $ 1200 , My credit card paid the collision part and kept Loss of use Charges pending as they wanted more documents from the rental company.

Enterprise Rental Car company sends one more bill after they receive the payment for the collision( as per the first bill )with the updated balances/ dues stating supplemental charges for repairs which was almost $1000 more.

When I enquired about the updated charges with the rental company they said the first bill was an estimate and the second bill is actual.

When they took almost month's time for the estimate how come they can go wrong in their estimates by 100%. Estimate can only vary by 10% or so, definitely not by 100%.
Ideally, repairs get done in a couple of days. And the first bill which they sent after a month's time would have accounted all the actual damages.

I am just wondering, Do rental companies issue one final bill or is there a practice of issuing the supplemental bill (Second bill was sent after the rental company received the money for the collision). I am suspecting they are trying to rob the customer of the second bill.

Out of overall bill of $2666, $2074 is already paid to Enterprise.
Now the balance to be paid is mainly from Loss of use, Admin charges, and diminishment value. Loss of use rental company has not submitted the required documents.

I feel Enterprise rental company has unfairly charged me with such big amount of scratches (Scrapes).

Please suggest me the options for me so that I can get waive off on the balance amount.

Also Is there any agency where I can report these unfair overcharges.

Thanks in advance.